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CHAD BALSTER first started working in glass in Minneapolis in 1996 as a balmy summer job. He followed the “Hot Glass” to assist in the construction of White Pine Studio in Battle Lake, MN. Then it was off to Louisville, where he was invited to be a resident artist at the Louisville Glassworks in Kentucky. It was here where Chad was producing innovative glass, teaching classes and building mobile glassblowing equipment. In 2012 he began construction of his own studio: “Chad Balster Glass” in the Germantown Neighborhood of Louisville Kentucky. Since then he’s been exhibiting throughout the Midwest, from Minneapolis to Nashville and all points between. His signature series, “Pods” are inspired by historical glass from the medieval period. Departing from simple drinkware, these bowl and vase forms seem to have an ecology of their own. They are covered in blown appendages and expressive bit work that seems dynamic and spontaneous, granting them a sense of motion or even locomotion.

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