Eli Avisera

ELI AVISERA, born in 1960, grew up, studied and lives in Jerusalem, Israel. Between the years 1973-1977 Eli studied at the school of wood art in Jerusalem. Since then, he has made his living as a professional woodworker. He is an international woodturning demonstrator and teacher who has lectured in many countries sharing his unique variety of techniques. Eli uses a line of his own signature tools (manufactured by Ashley Iles). These unique tools have been developed over his 30 years of experience in woodturning. In 1988 Eli established the “Wood Craft Center” where he teaches workshops for furniture building, woodturning and wood carving for all skill levels. To date, Eli has taught hundreds of students and has been instrumental in promoting the art of woodworking in Israel. In 2003 Eli was invited to the Woodturning Center in Philadelphia as a part of an International Turning Exchange. The ITE is a prestigious International event, bringing together a small group of carefully selected Wood Masters to share their knowledge and create together. Eli is one of the leading wood art masters in Israel and his creations are shown in many exhibitions, both locally and around the world.

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