Working with Corrugated Cardboard with Jason Schneider June 18-19, 2022

Corrugated cardboard is highly versatile and often overlooked as a material to create finely crafted functional objects. After laminating corrugated materials together, it becomes apparent how easy and exciting it is to work with. Students can create highly textured furniture, bowls, lamps, and sculpture with the bandsaw, table saw, woodturning lathe, chainsaw, and various hand tools. In this workshop, Jason will start by teaching the importance of a successful lamination process. Once students have created their laminated blanks, it’s time to start the machining process. Students will use various subtractive processes to reveal the form within the blank. Working with corrugated cardboard eliminates one from the debilitating preciousness factor. Students can make mistakes and work through their ideas without the fear of ruining a precious piece of solid wood. In this workshop, there will be the option of working with either recycled or new cardboard, free of staples, dents, and other unwanted blemishes. Students will leave with several projects of their own interest and a new appreciation of constructing functional objects with corrugated cardboard.


Saturday - Sunday Jun 18 - 19, 2022
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