Using the Knee Mill & Metal Lathe to Bring Accuracy & Creativity to Your Woodworking with Michael Koppy August 20-21, 2022

Many times, while making a project, our attempts at holding parts to the accuracy we would like is difficult to do. Also, sometimes we need to do a very small job with precession but find that making the jigs to accomplish that task takes much more time than doing the small job. Learning to use the mill and engine lathe can help with these problems and many more. It can be a great accessory in your skills to becoming a better wood worker. During the week, Michael will discuss cutter selection, measuring tolerances, jigs and fixtures, how to sharpen drill bits, what to look for when buying an engine lathe, mounting chucks, reaming, knurling on the lathe, squaring stock and much more.


Saturday - Sunday Aug 20 - 21, 2022
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