Designing Out of Your Mind with Jeff Miller June 18-19, 2022

Designing your own furniture is a tremendously rewarding experience. But most woodworkers, and just about everyone else, worry that design is something they can’t do, and have no idea what’s involved in designing a piece of furniture. What goes on in your head? Do you need a muse? While plenty goes on in the head of a designer (and Jeff will cover that aspect of design) the bulk of the design process takes place out of your head. You need to see your idea, in drawings, models, mock ups, and prototypes, so you can make changes to the idea which improves the design. Making models, mock ups, and prototypes is very different from your usual woodworking. You want to be able to see an idea quickly and easily – an hour or two is the goal.

In this class, after Jeff explains coming up with ideas and how to choose an idea to work with, students will dive into the materials, techniques, tools, and approaches to making a quick model, mock-up, or prototype, and when each might be appropriate. Discussions will also cover sketching, and luckily, this isn’t artistic drawing, but rather a way to get ideas out of your head with ease. At the end of the class, students should have a more refined idea of their design, as well as a model or prototype of that design to help move forward into the building phase.


Saturday - Sunday Jun 18 - 19, 2022
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