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Consider a new direction in your path of “Making” or take an unusual workshop just for fun! MASW is known for everything wood, from traditional to contemporary and from details to digital. Woodworking is in our name. But over the last 20 years we have incorporated workshops both ancillary to woodworking and those that have absolutely nothing to do with woodworking. This year is no different.

250 Total Workshops - Diversity Is What MASW Is All About!

These special workshops could be a way to introduce your spouse, family member or just good friend to MASW—think of it as a vacation destination.

Paper Sculpture taught by Jeff Nishinaka

Jeff is a paper sculptor from Los Angeles whose handcrafted work is commissioned around the globe by private and public companies and celebrities. He uses white paper to create multidimensional work which relies on bending paper to reflect or deflect light—he’s amazing!

The Colorful World of Neon taught by David Svenson

David is the son of renowned sculptor John Edward Svenson and is a multimedia artist who works in both glass and wood. He is on the Board of Trustees at MONA (Museum of Neon Art). David is a brilliant teacher who is keeping the art, science and chemistry of neon sign making from going dark.

Bookbinding taught by Bonnie Stahlecker

Bonnie conducts workshops throughout the United States and her work has been exhibited internationally. She thinks of books as three-dimensional objects with multiple layers, both physically and conceptually. From saddle bindings to embossed leather, her books are a work of art.

Mastering Chocolate taught by Richard Tango-Lowy

Most everyone loves chocolate and Richard is no exception. A physicist turned Master Chocolatier who has studied and taught at Ecole Chocolat around the world, perfecting the process from bean-to-bar. For Rich chocolate is art. And as art chocolate is magnificent!

Glass Blowing taught by Bryan & Dave Lee, Paull Rodrigue and Chad Balster

Unlike other art forms, blowing glass has many forces working against you; forces such as gravity, temperature and centrifugal force. A sculptor or painter can stop what they are doing and come back to it days later and pick right back up. With molten glass you can’t do that. That is what makes glass blowing workshops so exciting.

Painting taught by Gabriel Lehman

Gabriel is a humanitarian by nature and uses his gifts to enhance the lives of people across the country. From donating paintings for charity auctions to muraling homeless shelters and church nurseries, if he can help, he will. He sees the light all around him and brings this light into his work and, in turn, into the hearts of those who view it.

Intro to Chasing taught by Douglas Pryor

Douglas is a freehand raising and chasing artist. This means using hand tools to forge and chisel metal over pitch (rosin) to create sculpture. One of the largest know sculptures created with this technique is the Statue of Liberty.

Basket Weaving taught by Peeta Tinay

Peeta creates outstanding wicker baskets by incorporating a variety of weaving techniques including twining, plaiting and lashing. Reed is the primary material Peeta uses in all her projects which gives each project infinite possibilities.

Calligraphy Basics: Engrosser's Script taught by Jake Weidmann

Jake received his certificate as Master Penman in July 2011. He is one of only 11 existing master’s today and by far the youngest in history. His work is timeless, executed beautifully and is centered around traditional calligraphic flourishing. In 2015 his penmanship went viral with 2 million views in just one week. MASW is excited to have Jake share his incredible talents.

The Cordwainer Shop: The Fine Art of Shoemaking taught by Molly Grant

Cordwainer Shop was founded in the late 1920’s by Edward Matthews. Today many of his footwear designs, low heel and rounded toe, are still produced by Molly. Something happens when a beautiful handmade shoe catches your eye. And today very few people would ever consider the possibility of making their own, finely crafted, stunning leather Pathfiner.

Something from Nothing: Repurposed Junk taught by Jeremy Wilken

Jeremy makes whimsical sculptures by combining unwanted “junk” into one-or-a-kind designs. Coming in all shapes, styles and sizes, his robots, spaceships and ray guns can bring just the right amount of playfulness into anyone’s home. MASW has two of his masterpieces on display in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy.

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