An Introduction to the Hand Forged Blade with Matthew Parkinson

Newcomer Matthew Parkinson was a welcome addition to this years season. His class got to make some fabulous knives...and play with fire! They left with a whole new appreciation for metal work and some very impressive blades.

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Start Woodworking with Asa Christiana

We were pleased to welcome Asa Christiana to our shop and so were his students. They spent the week making several projects with simple tools and techniques that yielded superb results. What a great introduction to woodworking!

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Woodturning II: The Next Level with Alan Lacer [2017]

Alan Lacer is at it again! This time he leads his class through more advanced turning techniques from skew spindle turning to bowls and turned boxes. His students leave with new found confidence and many new skills.

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Sculptural Rocking Chair with Marc Adams [2017]

Sculptural Rocking Chair is one of our signature classes and is known as one of our most challenging. This dedicated group of woodworkers showed no hesitation as they tackled this Maloof-style rocker with lots of late nights and the assistance of Marc and the staff.

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Weekend of 6/17/2017

This weekend saw "New Techniques to Inlay Woodturned Rims with Stephen Hatcher," "Cold Metal Casting: Reproducing Unique Hardware, Pulls, Escutcheons and Emblems with Scott Grove" and "Teaching & Making Froebel's Gifts with Doug Stowe" at the instructor's bench. There was a whole lot of making going on!

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Explore Unusual Materials and Methods in Woodturning & Flatwork with Stephen Hatcher [2017]

Stephen Hatcher's approach to inlaying minerals, shells, metal...(you name it) is revolutionary whether or not you are a woodturner. His students made everything from bowls to panels and the results speak for themselves!

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