Handskills Every Woodworker Should Know with Stephen Proctor [Apr '16]

There's nobody in North America that can do a better job of introducing hand tools and their use than Stephen Proctor. This class has been a staple at the school for years and continues to be our one of our most recommended classes. You arrive with dull, untuned handtools and you leave with tools and techniques for razor sharp cuts.

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Fine Detailed Boxes with Adrian Ferrazzutti [Apr. '16]

Adrian Ferrazzutti is a noted Canadian furniture maker who likes to make intricate wrap-around veneered boxes as a way to "unwind." However, these pinnacles of box making stand firmly on their own as works of art. Each student got to make one of these signature boxes as they explored every detail of making boxes of the finest quality.

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Weekend of 4/9/2016

Our first weekend of the new season kicks off with the three day "Beginning Rhino 3-D Modeling/CAD for Woodworkers with Mary and Dale Fugier," a two day "A Collaborative: One Guitar in Two Days with John Ressler" a one day "A Special Day with Gary Striegler." Great start to our weekend classes!

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Together We Can Make a Difference -78 Pews for St. Thomas with Brother Mark

We kick off our "Ripple Effect" year with this 100% charitable class as the Brothers from St. Thomas and the alumni of the school pitch in to make the pews for for their new seminary. Ten thousand board feet of solid Ash and lots of hard work payed off with classic pews that will last for hundreds of years and many special memories.

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Making Classic Wooden Planes in the Krenov Style with Kevin Glen Drake

Noted tool maker, Kevin Glen Drake bring his knowledge Krenovian handplanes to bear as he leads his class through the process of making and tuning these iconic planes. Each student left with new planes and knowledge to use them effectively!

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Joinery with Marc Adams [Mar '16]

Our 2016 season begins with a bang as Marc's students chop out their first dovetails in our signature Joinery class. Before it's over, cutting dovetails will be easy... along with a host of other furniture-ready joints!

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