Lots of Legs with Allan Breed

We generally don't show off a lot of leg around the shop, especially after a long winter. This week was the exception to the rule, as Allan Breed and his students spent the week working on "Lots of Legs." Allan lead them through numerous variations of classical furniture legs. Along with a newfound appreciation for each type of period leg, they also got plenty of one-on-one time with one of America's premiere craftsman.

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Hands-On Finishing with Mitch Kohanek [April '14]

It's time again for another sold out class taught by nationally recognized refinisher, Mitch Kohanek. This time he's teaching his renowned "Hands-On Finishing" class. We're proud to host him here are MASW. HIs students found out why during this week of intensive examination of the how and why of finishing wood. The results speak for themselves!

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Weekend of 4/5/2014

Our first weekend of the 2014 season begins with Stephen Hatcher and "Adding Inlay Accents to Bowls & Platters". Meanwhile Alan Lacer and Michael Fortune team up for "Turned and Twisted". Quite the start to our weekend workshops!

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Joinery with Marc Adams [April '14]

It wouldn't be a start to the season if we weren't running a session of our foundation class - Joinery with Marc Adams. You arrive with less than sharp chisels, you leave with a mound of examples of different types of joints. Oh, and the ability to use them in all you're future projects!

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Woodturning with Alan Lacer [April '14]

Alan Lacer is here to introduce another class to the wonders of woodturning. Or as he prefers to call it, "saving them from "flatlanders". They all developed new skills and had a blast at the same time.

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Bow Front Chest with Michael Fortune [April '14]

Michael Fortune returns for another season at MASW. This week his class is making a Bow Front Chest. Curved veneered panels and plenty of jigs and fixtures help make this class both a challenge and a piece you'll want to repeat again.

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