Making an "A" Style Mandolin with John Ressler

John's stringed instruments are always works of art and this one is no exception. His class takes on an extra-challenging project this time - making a mandolin! While it was a challenge, everyone came away from this seven day class with a working instrument and lots of new experience.

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Making a Number 1 Chair; Part II, with Michael Fortune [2016]

Michael's class returned this week to complete their Number 1 chair in this two-part class. Last time they were here they did the bending and now it's time to shape and assemble this instant classic!

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Turning and Burning with Jennifer Shirley & Cynthia Gibson

If one instructor is good, it's no surprise to find that two can be even better. Such was the case as Jennifer and Cynthia pooled their substantial talents to devote a week to teach the art of turing and surface embellishment. Combining the two can take a good piece and make it a great one, as these lucky participants were quick to find out.

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Through the Narrow Gate with Bill Spencer & Marc Adams [2016]

This week we complete a three year run of a class devoted to the charitable Narrow Gate foundation. Not only did students get to make a specially designed document box, they helped raise over $150,000 for the foundation!

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Joinery with Marc Adams [8_16]

It's always a pleasure to have Marc Adams teaching Joinery, in part because it's often one of the first classes new students take. What a great introduction to the school!

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Building the Slat Back Chair with Jeff Miller [2016]

Jeff Miller's chairs are legendary in both aesthetics and comfort. This week Jeff shows his class how to achieve both while they make a superb slat back chair.

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