Week of 5/23/2016

This week we saw "Intarsia the Wise Way with Kathy Wise," "Creative Woodturning with Michael Hosaluk" and "Apprenticeship: Furniture in the Classic Tradition, Part I; with Steve Latta" come to our workshops. All in all, a very creative week!

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Weekend of 5/21/2016

This weekend we saw "Building a Bench-Top Minibench with Steve Latta," "Guitar Set-Up: Repair and Maintenance with John Ressler" and "Carving and Decorating Turned Vessels with Michael Hosaluk." What fun!

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Design Fun-Damentals with Blackburn [2016]

Graham Blackburn brings his design process to a group of lucky students in this five day exploration of design. With just blank paper and sheets of foamboard on Monday, they all advance to completed furniture designs by Friday's close!

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Cabinets for the Home, Shop or Office with Striegler [2016]

Gary Striegler is much more than just a competent trim carpenter, he is one of the leading drivers in the field. This week he shares his expertise with a class of students as they build everything from hidden doors to Murphy beds.

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Making an Acoustic Guitar with John Ressler [2016]

John Ressler's guitars are legendary with many professional musicians and this week he shows another class how to build their own high end guitars. Oh...and there's music too!

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Weekend of 5/14/2016

This weekend's classes included "Do More with Traditional Handtools with Graham Blackburn" and "Festool System Essentials with Brian Sedgeley." Two great instructors for two lucky groups of students!

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