Joint Maker Pro II with John Economaki

John Economaki unleashes his latest design challenge, and unleashes the power of the Joint Maker Pro during this week of "Joint Maker Pro II". Using the saw's ability to safely precision-cut wood, they undertake to reproduce images as striking tile mosaics. The results are impressive!

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Curvy Furniture: Using Boatbuilding Techniques With David Orth [April '14]

David Orth is well known for his organic sculpture pieces as well as for his signature furniture. This week he shares the techniques he uses to create his free-form organic shapes from thin sheets of MDF to create furniture that will last a lifetime. Using his techniques, these students will be able to create any form they can conceive for their future projects.

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Creative Woodturning with Michael Hosaluk

Michael Hosaluk's international reputation for creativity and craftsmanship is just part of the reason we're pleased to welcome him to MASW. He's also a superb instructor no matter what your skill level. A week with Michael is sure to bump that up a notch, while exposing you to ideas you might never think to try on a lathe!

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Joint Maker Pro I with John Economaki

John Economaki is a legend in the woodworking community. This week we are pleased to welcome him back to explore one of Bridge City Tools signature products - the Joint Maker Pro. As the designer of the tool, there's nobody better equipped to teach them than John, himself.

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Sculptural Rocking Chair With Marc Adams [May '14]

The Maloof-style sculpted rocking chair is a hallmark piece among modern furniture makers and there's no one better to unveil it's mysteries than our own Marc Adams. His students gave their all and mastered the skills necessary to complete this challenging project!

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Weekend of 5/3/2014

This weekend we focus on "Teapots: Vessels with Carved Feet & Handles with Michael Hosaluk". Michael is internationally recognized as a creative force in woodturning and this course is a great example. Take a peek as see what it means to be a true creative inspiration

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