Table of Contents: For Any Occasion with Michael Fortune

Michael Fortune brings his design expertise to the table this week as his students design and prototype their own personal visions of the perfect table. Michael lends a hand to help refine them and devise the best way to realize that vision.

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Joinery with Marc Adams [Oct'15]

Marc always ends the season as we begin it each year - with our renowned joinery class. Another group of participants masters joinery and they leave for the winter, knowing that they can tackle any joint they need to cut.

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Making a Comfy Garden Chair with Michael Fortune

Michael Fortune brought his version of the perfect garden chair and the jigs and fixtures to make it to another class of eager woodworkers. What a great way to end the 2015 season!

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Weekend of 10/24/2015

This weekend we are featuring pictures from "Advancing Your Skills with Shellac & Lacquer with Mitch Kohanek" and "Husband & Wife Woodturning with Alan & Mary Lacer."

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From Wood to Life: Carving the Human Face with Jeff Phares

For those who were looking for a challenge to up their carving game, Jeff Phares brought the perfect project as he and his class spent the week exploring techniques to carve the human face. As with all our carving classes, it's great fun to watch the carvings develop over the course of the class.

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Hands-On Finishing with Mitch Kohanek [Oct'15]

Mitch Kohanek has been the go-to guy to learn the art of finishing wood for decades and we are always thrilled when he brings his expertise to our shop for his always sold-out "Hands-On Finishing Class." It's become a "must-have" classes at the school and this lucky group of participants left us knowing exactly why that's the case!

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