Weekend of 7/19/2014

This weekend we got to welcome the kids back to the workshop with John Morgan and "Whirligig Magic: Parent & Child Woodworking". Meanwhile, in the back machine room we were pleased to host Brian Sedgeley and "Festool System Essentials."

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Cabinets for the Home, Shop or Office with Gary Striegler [July '14]

This class is always a favorite at the school. Even if you think you know how a woodworker should build cabinetry, Gary will show you tricks you never even though of. The students got to see why Gary Striegler is often called the poster child for Fine Homebuilding Magazine as they built every conceivable type of cabinetry in just 5 short days!

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Demilune Card Table with Steve Latta

Steve Latta's federal style furniture is just one of the styles he brings to life in his work, but we're sure glad it's the one he chose to bring this week. The demilune card table is a classic of American Furniture and this week his lucky students got to see how it's done with one of our nation's best furniture makers.

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Kinetic Sculpture: Toying with Wood with John Morgan

John Morgan's work in automata is a stellar example of art in woodwork. His creations are impossible to ignore, you just have to turn that crank and see what is going to happen. This week his students got to make a kinetic sculpture of their own while learning the techniques needed to make complex gears and linkages in wood. The results are whimsical and slightly addictive!

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Weekend of 7/12/2014

This weekend we joined by Steve Latta, teaching "Pattern Inlay & Decorative Borders"; Herman Beuno, with "Chip Carving"; and "Infusing Your Work with Possibilities with Mark Hedin". Another informative weekend here in the shop.

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Veneering: a Course of Action for Making Furniture with Marc Adams [July '14]

Panels of veneer and marquetry are no surprise here, but it's much rarer to find a veneering class that puts it all together to demonstrate the principles behind making modern veneered furniture. This week Marc Adams gave his class that opportunity and lead them through the process while they got plenty of hands-on experience with every type of veneer challenge they'll experience when making their own high-end furniture.

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