Weekend of 6/13/2015

This weekend featured "Fine Finishing with Common Hardware Store Materials with Tim Puro," "Parent/Child Making a Skateboard/Longboard with Chris Gochnour," "The Making of Woodturning Tools, Jigs & Accessories with Alan Lacer" and "Laser Marquetry: The Future of Veneering with Marc Adams." Wow!

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Apprenticeship with Michael Fortune - Week 2 [June '15]

Michael Fortune's class completes their two week Apprenticeship and the a lot of great furniture projects are starting to emerge. The design and technical details of many really great pieces are already well on their way towards completion. All in all, a very inspirational class!

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Decorative Details with Steve Latta [June '15]

Decorative Details with Steve Latta has been a staple here at the school for many years. After looking at some of the work going on in the class, it's not hard to see why. Steve is a superb teacher with exceptional expertise and willing to share it all.

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Woodturning with Alan Lacer [June '15]

Alan Lacer is no stranger at the school he's been with us for decades. The reason for that was revealed to his sold-out class during a fun week that introduced all the basic forms of turning available to the aspiring woodturner!

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Weekend of 6/6/2015

The first weekend in June started off with more great classes. "Carbon Fiber & Furniture" taught by our own Mark Hedin explored a whole new material, Tim Celeski's students made "The Blacker House Entry Mirror," Garrett Hack lead his students through "Working with Curves."

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Precision With Hand Tools with Garrett Hack

Garrett Hack brings precision with handtools to a whole new level. This week's class got to experience his refined process for building precision hand-made furniture while they honed their own handtool skills!

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