Upholstery: From Webbing to Springs to Show Covers with Mike Mascelli [2016]

There may be no better upholsterer working in the US than Mike Mascelli as his students learned for themselves over the course of this exciting class. Not only did students get to work on their own piece, virtually every type upholstery challenge was covered by discussing each others projects. The end result was a transformative experience.

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Basic Cabinetmaking with Zane Powell [2016]

Zane Powell was one of Marc's foreman's during his hi-end cabinetry days so who better to lead the introduction to the principles of efficient cabinetmaking to another set of lucky participants. And each student took home the sample cabinet they made as they applied Zane's information hands-on.

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Architectural and Furniture Woodturning for Today's Woodworker with Alan Lacer [2016]

This week is all about woodturning for furniture and is highlighted by lots of between-the-centers work and the mastery of the Skew Chisel. Alan's students got lots of time on the lathe exploring all the different cuts you could make and worked on a 3-legged stool to hone those new skills.

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Multi-Axis Turning: Carvings and Sculpting Circles Into Unique Forms with Derek Weidman

Derek Weidman brought a whole new kind of woodturning to MASW as a lucky class got to find out first hand. It's amazing what you can do when you combine multi-axis turning with carving and sculpting!

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Basic Woodworking with Marc Adams [6_16]

Basic Woodworking with Marc is a great way to start your journey int0 the craft of woodworking as this class learned over the course of 5 busy days. Especially when you go home with your first piece of furniture!

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Creating Exceptional Furniture: Controlling the Line with Stephen Proctor [2016]

Nobody we know is better suited to showing what hand tools can do than Stephen. By the end of this class everyone had benefited from Stephen's demonstrations and they are well on the way to making any shape they desire.

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