Joinery with Marc Adams [July'15]

It's joinery, more joinery and still more joinery for another group of participants taking this signature MASW class. They leave with completed joinery they wouldn't have even attempted before the class.

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Weekend of 7/11/2015

Classes this weekend included: "Bringing the Work to You! Building a Bench-Top Bench with Steve Latta," "Improve Your Finishing with Aerosol Cans with Tim Puro," "Guitar Set-Up, Repair & Maintenance with John Ressler," and "Sure-Fire Tips for Perfect Dovetails with Mike Pekovich." How's that for a creative atmosphere???

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Make Your Own Custom Workbench with Doug Dale

Our own Doug Dale gets a week at the instructor's bench but because Doug likes a challenge, he's going to build that bench! This week each participant will make their own custom bench and Doug is there to ease them through the process.

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Naturally Simple Woodworking with Wes Bushor

New to the MASW lineup this year, is Wes Bushor. Wes is a logger by trade and shared his expertise with timber and his pursuit of naturally simple furniture with his students. The result was a whole bunch of fun...and some really cool furniture!

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Making an Acoustic Guitar with John Ressler [July'15]

John Ressler is well known in the music circles as a maker of incredible guitars and we know him as a superb craftsman who gladly shares all he knows with his students. He returned this week to lead a class through the crafting of some superb acoustic guitars.

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Small Decorative Boxes with Doug Stowe [July'15]

Doug Stowe returns to lead another group of students through the process of making boxes that are anything but ordinary. With judicious choice of wood and a keen eye for design, Doug gives the class the benefit of his years of experience. Then he cuts them loose...

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