Weekend of 7/23/2016

This weekend we saw "Beautiful Borders: Using Silver Wire, Stone and Precious Metals with John Koch," "Kitchen Favorites: Make Both a Salt and Tea Box with Mike Pekovich" and "Fine Finishing with Common Hardware Store Materials with Tim Puro" in their respective bench rooms. What fun!

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Make an Elegant Side Table From a Single Board with Mike Pekovich

When Mike is in our shop, elegant is definitely on the menu. This time he walks his class through the process of making a side table while his students learn how to make any project more elegant!

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Decorative Turned Boxes with Matthew Hill [2016]

Matthew Hill has been with our program for many years and each year he demonstrates why his class is so popular. This week he shares his decorative flair and woodturning expertise with another lucky group of students.

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Joinery with Marc Adams [7_16]

It's another week with our founder at his bench as he shares his solutions on how to cut accurate joinery. This foundation class provides another group of dedicated participants with the skills they need to cut the best joinery.

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Weekend of 7/16/2016

This weekend saw "Laser Marquetry: The Future of Veneering with Marc Adams," "Chip Carving With Herman Bueno," "Finishing and Coloring Techniques for the Woodturner with Matthew Hill and Alan Lacer" and "Infuse It and Learn to Use It with Mark Hedin and Curtis Seebeck" come to MASW. There was a whole lot going on!

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All About the Details: Small Scale Tool Making & Techniques with Marco Terenzi

Marco is the youngest instructor we've every invited to the lead a class at MASW, but when you see his work in making functional small-scale tools and then tuning and using these tools to make small-scale functional furniture, it will absolutely blow your mind. His students got to try out his unique, one-of-a-kind techniques to make their own tools and miniature-scale joinery!

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