Handskills Every Woodworker Should Know with Stephen Proctor

Stephen Proctor is one of the most skilled hand tool craftsman in the country. This lucky group of students gets to apply Stephen's lessons to their own batch of hand tools and leave with tools ready to cut the most challenging woods.

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Exquisitely Greene & Greene with Thomas Stangeland

Thomas brings his expertise in the Greene & Greene style to bear as he guides his class while they incorporate these classic details into their own furniture masterpiece.

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Carving Fundamentals: Ornamentation, Lettering & Scrolls with Bob Yorburg

Bob Yorburg walks his class through the fundamentals of good carving this week. Participants leave with skills they only dreamt of five short day earlier.

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Turning Bowls & Platters with Alan Stirt

Alan Stirt shares his experience in bowl and platter turning with this lucky class. They leave with newfound understanding of form, turning technique and embellishment!

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Weekend of 4/8/2017

We began the weekend early with "Beginning Rhino 3-D Modeling/Cad for Woodworkers with Mary and Dale Fugier." Then finished out the weekend with "Festool Essentials with Brian Sedgeley," "Shellac: The Forgotten Finish with Mitch Kohanek" and "Turning a Salt or Pepper Mill with John Koch." Wow!

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Basic Cabinetmaking with Zane Powell [2017]

Zane has been making high-end cabinetry since high school (and as one of Marc's first employees). This week he shows his class what he's learned over those many years...

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