Small Cabinet: Big on Details with Mike Pekovich

Mike Pekovich brought a great deal of information to the table in the form of this small cabinet. His students quickly found out just how rich a smaller project can be, particularly when they can take those skills to the next project!

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Handtool Skills: Make an Enfield Shaker Cabinet with Chris Gochnour

Chris is no stranger to our shop, so another lucky class got to see why his classes are a perfect opportunity to advance your handtool skills. This time they also got to make a classic Enfield Shaker Cabinet. It's called, bang for your buck.

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Flow: Creating Maximum Movement in Wood with Christopher White [2017]

Christopher White's sculpture is a marvel to behold. This week his class got to learn first-hand how he achieves such striking sculpture and how he makes it come alive with motion.

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Weekend of 7/15/2017

This weekend included: "Make a Cutaway Guitar (Part 3) with John Ressler," "Parent/Child Making a Skateboard/Longboard with Chris Gochnour," "Chip Carving With Herman Bueno" and "Carving & Decorating Turned Vessels with Michael Hosaluk." That's a jam-packed weekend!

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Laminating, Bending & Shaping Wood: A Sculptural Adventure with Michael Cooper

A week with Michael is another great example of creativity and craftsmanship - not to mention "mind blown!" These students left ready to made curves do what they wanted (for a change)!

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The Mark & Mikey Show with Mark Sfirri & Michael Hosaluk

While a week with either one of these instructors would only scratch the surface, a week with both of them was sure up the game for these lucky participants. Each one left with an better understanding of the impact possible when you successfully combine creativity and craftsmanship. They left ready to express that impact in their own shops.

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