Making a Queen Anne Chair with Alf Sharp

Alf Sharp brings another classic period piece to MASW and the knowledge of how to make it a masterpiece. By the end of the week, his students are well on their way to making their own period masterpieces while honing many of their skills in the process.

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Weekend of 7/18/2015

This magical weekend included "Parent/Child Wand Magic with Wand Wizard Carl Booth," "Making Jigs & Fixtures for Machining Accurate Mortise & Tenons with Jerry C. Forshee," "Table Construction: A Surgical Approach with Steve Latta" and "Woodworkers Guide To Fine Finishing with Mike Pekovich." No matter what your interests, there was something for everyone this weekend!

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Apprenticeship: In The Federal Style (Pt II) with Steve Latta

Steve Latta and the 2015 participants in this 2-part apprenticeship return from developing the techniques and details of the federal period and are ready to apply them to their new projects. And some beautiful projects, they are!

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Fine Cabinetmaking with Mike Pekovich [July'15]

Mike Pekovich is back for his second season and he has a lot of information to share about the art of making fine cabinets. Along with a flair for the Arts & Crafts style, his class learn many efficient ways to take their woodworking up a notch.

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Joinery with Marc Adams [July'15]

It's joinery, more joinery and still more joinery for another group of participants taking this signature MASW class. They leave with completed joinery they wouldn't have even attempted before the class.

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Weekend of 7/11/2015

Classes this weekend included: "Bringing the Work to You! Building a Bench-Top Bench with Steve Latta," "Improve Your Finishing with Aerosol Cans with Tim Puro," "Guitar Set-Up, Repair & Maintenance with John Ressler," and "Sure-Fire Tips for Perfect Dovetails with Mike Pekovich." How's that for a creative atmosphere???

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