Make Your Own Solar Drying Kiln with Gene Wengert

Gene Wengert (a.k.a. - the Wood Doctor) brought his expertise in the characteristics of wood and it's drying to the school this week to teach the fundamentals of building and using a solar kiln. The class left with their own kilns ready for final finish and assembly and a lot of building tips and tricks from assistant, Mark Hedin.

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Make an Elegant Chest of Drawers with Zane Powell

Our own Zane Powell is behind the instructors bench this week to bring his special expertise to a group of lucky participants. Each made a wonderful chest of drawers, they all had a great time and everyone left with new skills they can apply to any furniture project.

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Edges and Inlays: Edge Details, Embellishments and Surface Decorations with Scott Grove

The creativity meter was pegged this week as Scott Grove returned to the school to lead his popular Edging and Inlay class for another group of students. They learned how to add a hardwood edge to any shape they can imagine...and then the fun begins!

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Weekend of 4/30/2016

This weekend classes included: "Basic Finishing with Tim Puro," "Cold Metal Casting: Reproducing Unique Hardware, Pulls, Escutcheons and Emblems with Scott Grove," "Making One of a Kind Serving Trays with Mark Hedin" and "Turning Pepper Mills with John Koch." Whew! What a weekend!

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Basic Woodworking with Marc Adams [Apr'16]

Marc Adams introduces another group of students to the wonders of woodworking in his Basic Woodworking class. By the end of the week, they've all made their first piece of furniture and learned lots of valuable lessons along the way.

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Leaded Art Glass: Painting with Light with John Hamm

There are lots of ways to embellish your woodworking projects so John Hamm spent this week showing his class how to "paint with light" as they made their first leaded art glass projects. Talk about impressive!

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