Creating Exceptional Home Interiors with Gary Striegler

This class is one of our annual favorites. If you ever wanted to know how the professionals trim out a house, this is the class and Gary is that professional!

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Curved Front Writing Desk with Chris Gochnour

Chris Gochnour steps his students through the process of making this fantastic curved front writing desk in this week long class.

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Weekend of 9/13/2014

This weekend's topics are "Getting the Most From Your Tablesaw with Stephen Proctor" and "Jewelry: Making Metal Move with Myra Perrin." Both of them were fascinating!

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Segmented Turning: Where Precision Partners With Turned Elegance With Malcolm Tibbetts [Sept '14]

Malcolm Tibbetts returns to MASW to unveil the mysteries behind to art of segmented woodturning. He leads his class through all the techniques necessary to produce their own amazing segmented works of art.

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Trompe L'oeil: Sculpting & Shaping to Trick the Eye with Stephen Proctor [Sept '14]

Trompe L'oeil is the art of deceiving the eye. This week Stephen Proctor guides his class through the process of carving a small tabletop to look as though it's covered with a cloth!

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Making a Masterpiece: a Philadelphia Low Boy with Alf Sharp (Part II)

After building and refining the carcass, Alf Sharp's students return to the school to finish what they had begun earlier in the season - a Philadelphia Low Boy! This week is all about the carving the embellishments of this timeless masterpiece!

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