Smithing a Hammered Copper & Mica Table Lamp with Ashford

Michael Ashford brings decades of experience with the metal work of the Arts & Crafts movement and the design for this hand-hammered copper lamp to MASW this week. By the end of the seven day class, all his student completed a classic copper and mica table lamp, complete with wiring and left with a whole new appreciation for detailed metal work.

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Classical Style Guitar with John Ressler [Sept '14]

It's time for John Ressler to share his guitar making magic with another class of up and coming Luthiers. This time they are making a classical style acoustic guitar!

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Sculptural Carving: Adding That 3rd Dimension with David Franklin

David Franklin brings a taste of the woodworking traditions of the Pacific Northwest and a clear mastery of carving to his class this year. His students undertake this classic sculptural carving project while they learn how to carve with traditional bent knives and adzes.

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Mastering the Curve: Bending, Joinery, and Shaping Wood With Michael Fortune [Sept '14]

If it's curves your furniture needs, there is nobody better to step you through the process than Michael Fortune. This week he teaches his class how to master the process of bending, shaping and joining curved work.

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Weekend of 9/20/2014

This weekend we welcome "Hand Tool Tune Up with Chris Gochnour," "Making Bent Carving Knives with David Franklin" and "Making a Mountain Dulcimer with John Ressler" to our workshops.

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Veneering, Inlay & Pattern Edge Applications with Scott Grove [Sept. '14]

Scott Grove is among the best in the world when it comes to working with veneer. Join him as he shows his class the tips and tricks he's accumulated over the course of a long and fruitfull career.

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