Joinery with Marc Adams [8_16]

It's always a pleasure to have Marc Adams teaching Joinery, in part because it's often one of the first classes new students take. What a great introduction to the school!

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Building the Slat Back Chair with Jeff Miller [2016]

Jeff Miller's chairs are legendary in both aesthetics and comfort. This week Jeff shows his class how to achieve both while they make a superb slat back chair.

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Weekend of 8/27/2016

This weekend was unusual in that we only had one class, "Make the Perfect Router Table with Doug Dale & Zane Powell." Good thing, too because it was a busy weekend in the front shop!

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Veneering: From Simple to Asymmetrical to Compound with Scott Grove

Scott Groves veneer work is out of this world and the techniques he uses to achieve his asymmetrical matches and compound surfaces are the cutting edge of veneer work in North America. This week he shares those techniques with a lucky group of eager participants. What won't they veneer???

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Steel & Bronze for the Woodworker with David Orth [2016]

David Orth shows his class how to use boat building principles to make objects and sculpture with thin sheets of metal and some simple metalworking techniques. They leave well on their way to mastering both!

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Developing the Idea with Michael Fortune [2016]

Michael Fortune brings his design prowess to bear as a class of students explore, dissect and rebuild many different pieces of furniture together. Michael's class has literally turned this groups design process upside down (and on end and with more curves)!

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