Great Shop Fixtures & Accessories with Zane Powell & Doug Dale

French marquetry expert, Patrick Edwards, spends another week with us. This time he's teaching the "piece-by-piece" method while they improve their mastery of the French Chevalet. The final class project made all the hard work more than worthwhile. We'll call this old-world art!

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Weekend of 8/22/2015

This weekend we hosted John Ressler and "Guitar Building Methods I" while Patrick Edwards led 2 one-day classes, "Veneering a Turned Vertical Column" and "Geometrical Marquetry: The Assembly Board Method." Lots to be learned...

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Turning Elegant Vessels & Decorative Techniques with J Paul Fennell

J. Paul Fennell spent his week at the school focused on techniques for turning elegant hollow forms. After learning how to make aesthetically pleasing hollow vessels, his students turned their attentions to the decorative possibilities by adding carving, texturing and piercing to their completed hollow forms.

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Painting with Wood: French Marquetry with Patrick Edwards [Aug'15]

Patrick Edwards, one of the nations premiere marquetry experts, brought his old-world skills to MASW. His students learned how he creates his exquisite marquetry pieces using the French Chevalet. And then they got plenty of opportunity to practice on the school's Chevalets as they made several increasingly difficult Boulle designs during the week.

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Developing the Idea with Graham Blackburn

Graham Blackburn brought his decades of experience, both as a woodworker and a teacher, to MASW this week as he led his class through the process of designing their own furniture projects. The results were impressive. Everyone left with a new personalized furniture piece designed and ready to build!

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Weekend of 8/18/2015

This weekend the shop is busy with "Festool Essentials with Brian Sedgeley," "Finishing for Woodturners with Alan Lacer" and "Quilting: Easy Techniques for Adding Dimension & Curves to Any Project with Amy Harry." Once again, something for everyone!

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