Weekend of 5/2/2015

This weekend we welcomed 4 first class instructors to the workshop. We hosted "Getting Started in Furniture Restoration & Refinishing with Mitch Kohanek," "Really Cool Bandsaw Puzzle Boxes with Jeff Vollmer," "SketchUp for Todays Woodworker with Bob Lang" and "Steps for Building Staircases with John Ressler." Talk about an exciting weekend!

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Bench Top Tool Chest with Roy Underhill

Roy Underhill needs no introductions within the woodworking community. This week he leads his students through the process of making a bench-top tool chest entirely by hand. They leave with a host of new hand skills and sweet little tool chest to boot.

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Hands-On Finishing with Mitch Kohanek [April '15]

Mitch Kohanek is one of the premier finishers working in America today. This week he shared both the theory and the practice of achieving the perfect finish on any project with his class. They left ready to tackle just about any finish they will ever need.

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Basic Woodworking with Marc Adams [April '15]

Marc Adams leads another group of aspiring new woodworkers through the basics by introducing them to many of the skills essential to the craft. They learn machine safety, joinery and veneer work before they make their first piece a furniture - a beautiful sculpted table.

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Build a Wooden Sea Kayak (Bring a Friend) with David Orth

This week we added another discipline to the techniques taught at MASW and it's boatbuilding! David Orth joins us to teach his students how to make a sea kayak using the stitch-n-glue technique. They all succeeded in making this light, strong and sea-worthy craft while learning another valuable skill.

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Build a Virginia Slant Front Desk With Thirteen Secret Compartments with Headley & Hamilton

Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton bring their period furniture expertise to bear as their class builds an authentic Virginia slant top desk with secret compartments. Luckily, after a week with Jeff and Steve, the secrets of building this classic piece have been revealed to those luckily enough to attend this class.

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