Woodturning with Jimmy Clewes [May '15]

Jimmy Clewes was an instant hit last year and the same is true this year. He takes his class through all the different techniques and all the different types of woodturning. By the time they leave they have bowls, boxes, and even hats they've turned themselves!

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Sculptural Carving: Adding That Third Dimension with David Franklin

David Franklin returns to guide this class through the techniques he uses to create his stunning sculpture, based on the motifs of the Pacific Northwest. They learn to use bent-knives, adzes, and chisels as they carve a 3-dimensional sculpture.

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Basic Cabinetmaking with Zane Powell [May '15]

Zane Powell leads this class through the intricacies of making custom cabinetry to fit any space. Along the way they cover all the options that exist from design to construction as they make their own custom cabinets.

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Veneering: A Course of Action for Making Furniture with Marc Adams [May '15]

Marc Adams leads his class through the process of crafting high-end veneered furniture pieces as they make a veneered cabinet complete with marquetry details.

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Creating Exceptional Furniture: Controlling the Line with Stephen Proctor

This week, Stephen Proctor returns to MASW to teach the hand skills necessary to create any shaped furniture part required for exceptional high-end furniture. His students step through the process of adding tapers, twists and elegant curves to square stock.

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In the Greene & Greene Style with Thomas Stangeland

Thomas Stangeland unlocks the mysteries of the Arts & Crafts movement as his class steps through the design process to craft an original piece with lots of Greene & Greene details.

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