Stickley Bridal Chest with Bob Lang

This Stickley-inspired Bridal Chest is sure to become a classic in these student's homes. Likewise, what they learned is sure to show up in future projects!

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Make a Joiners Tool Cabinet: Traditional Methods for Traditional Tools with Graham Blackburn

We can't think of a better way to learn the fundamentals of hand joinery than to make a custom cabinet to house your hand tools. At least that's what Graham Blackburn thinks (and he's right).

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Basic Woodworking with Marc Adams [May'17]

A bunch of new faces joined us this week for Marc's signature Basic Woodworking class. They completed their first furniture project and left with a whole new appreciation for the craft.

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Weekend of 5/6/2017

This weekend included four exceptional classes from tech to technique. They included; "Turning Thin Wall Bowls with Binh Pho," "Really Cool Bandsaw Puzzle Boxes with Jeff Vollmer," "Guitar Building Methods II with John Ressler" and "SketchUp for the Beginner with Mark Sterner."

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The Art of Concealment: Incorporating Hidden Compartments in Your Furniture with Matthew Dworman

It was a pleasure to welcome Matthew Dworman to the MASW instructor ranks. Matthew brings his unique twist on modern furniture and the age-old tradition of concealed compartments to the school so his students can make a deceptively simple table with some delightful surprises inside.

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Integrating CNC's Into Woodworking with Tim Celeski [2017]

Tim Celeski is defining new boundaries in digital woodworking and wood sculpture with the help of his trusty CNC. This week he shares what he has learned as students make their own modifications on one of six different table designs.

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