Making Bent Carving Knives with David Franklin [2016]

This weekend's gallery only consists of 1 class (our other classes were 6 and 7 day ones) but that didn't lessen our enthusiasm for the "Making Bent Carving Knives with David Franklin" class. It didn't impact the enthusiasm for his students either as they add some valuable new tools to their toolbox!

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Create a Graceful Hepplewhite Bow Front Chest with Alf Sharp

Alf Sharp returns to MASW with another period-inspired furniture project to tempt his class. This time his Hepplewhite chest is the subject of this seven-day class. It was a joy to watch each student as they successfully built their new family heirloom over the course of the week.

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Hand Forging a Craftsman Style Flared Copper Wall Sconce with James K. Davies

It was a pleasure welcoming such a talented artisan as James Davies to MASW for his first time teaching at the school. It didn't take his class long to realize why he was invited to teach as they crafted this copper wall sconce!

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Trompe L'oeil: Sculpting and Shaping to Trick the Eye with Stephen Proctor [2016]

Stephen's Trompe L'oeil creations have been the talk of the furniture making community for decades and this week he returns to instruct another set of students on how he shapes wood to fool the eye. While learning a valuable skill as they shape their projects, they also produce their first work in the Trompe L'oeil style - a draped pedestal.

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Joinery II with Marc Adams [2016]

It's time to take the skill of Joinery up a notch with our advanced Joinery II class led by our own Marc Adams. If you thought Joinery was a challenge, this class will blow your mind. But everyone left with multiple joints they never would have attempted cut and a new confidence achieved.

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Trim Features: Wainscott, Panel Jambs, Crown Details and Curved Moldings with Gary Striegler [2016]

Gary Striegler returns to MASW to share his expertise with all manner of trim carpentry with another lucky group of participants. They all leave having had a hand in creating many different high-end trim details and ready to try them out in their own homes and businesses.

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