Small Decorative Boxes with Doug Stowe [2017]

Doug Stowe's box making abilities are legendary as his students quickly discovered. For sheer output, this class always sets the bar on productivity as each student crafted many boxes over the course of five days.

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Weekend of 6/10/2017

This weekend we hosted "Embellishments with Garrett Hack," "Make a Cutaway Guitar (Part 2) with John Ressler" and "Turned Bracelets: Combining Wood and Metals with Barry Gross." Quite a line up!

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Precision With Hand Tools with Garrett Hack

Nobody is better equipped to teach people how to achieve precision with hand tools than Garrett Hack. Participants not only learned how to improve their hand skills, they put those skills to work and made this side table.

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Fine Writing Instruments with Barry Gross [2017]

Barry Gross takes pen turning to an entirely new level as these lucky students discovered this week. Not only did they learn the techniques, each got to use a multitude of different materials into their signature custom pens. And speaking of pens...each left with pens worth more than the class tuition!

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Stereotomy Art Du Trait with Patrick Moore

Using the drafting techniques that allowed craftsman to create the basilicas of Europe hundreds of years ago, Patrick Moore joins us from Canada to change everything his students thought they knew about "drafting without math." Using Art Du Trait, they layout and build an elegant trestle.

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Joinery with Marc Adams [Jun'17]

It's time for another sensational Joinery class with Marc. It's always great fun to watch them go from "zero to hero" in five short days!

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