Decorative Details with Steve Latta [2017]

Steve Latta is a treasure trove of woodworking information. This week he shared his expertise with inlay with a lucky class who learned first-hand how to achieve remarkable results.

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Weekend of 5/20/2017

This weekend's classes included "Make a Cutaway Guitar (Part 1) with John Ressler," "Clamping Strategies & Gluing Solutions with Michael Fortune," "Making the Wood "Pop" with Mitch Kohanek" and "Building a Bench-Top Bench with Steve Latta." That's four ways to up your game!

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Furniture Restoration, Repair & Refinishing with Mitch Kohanek [2017]

Popular favorite, Mitch Kohanek, leads his class through the process of refinishing multiple furniture pieces. While each student is only working on one or two of their own pieces, everyone gets to learn the finishing schedule for all the projects in the class. That's quite a bonus!

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Apprenticeship with Michael Fortune [2017]

Michael Fortune returns to MASW again with his in-depth 2 week Apprenticeship class. His students get the opportunity to learn many of his signature techniques while they begin their own signature masterpiece!

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Basic Metal Engraving for the Woodworker with Mike Dubber [2017]

Mike Dubber is one of the world's premier metal engravers and this week a lucky group of students got to learn this demanding craft with Mike by their side. We think you'll agree that the results are worthy of attention.

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Designing with Traditional Elements & Motifs with Alf Sharp

Alf Sharp's period inspired masterpieces are much more than just "reproductions." He carefully designs each piece so that it is both an original work and still adhere's to the tenets of 18th century design. He share some of that deep knowledge with this week's participants as they work on their own original design elements.

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