Weekend of 6/24/2017

This weekend we had four classes running. Included in the fun were "Team Turning for Two with Mary & Alan Lacer," "Sgraffito: A Carving Breakthrough with Mark Arnold," "Making Elegant Curved Boxes with Stephen Proctor" and "Getting the Most From Your Scroll Saw with Marc Berner." That's some weekend!

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Glow & Blow: An Introduction to Neon with David Svenson

At MASW we are always looking for additional media to integrate into our woodworking repertoire and once we saw the work David was doing we knew we had to have him teach here. His students quickly "saw the light" and made some phenomenal pieces.

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Sculptural Rocking Chair II with the Staff

Marc and the staff helped another group of hard-working students conquer their Maloof-style rockers as they joined the ranks those who have completed one of the most challenging projects we offer!

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Woodturning Techniques with Eli Avisera [2017]

Eli Avisera returned from Israel to lead his students through the exploration of new woodturning techniques. His class got first-hand advice from one of the world's best woodturners!

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Buried in Bandings: A Demilune with Eye Appeal with Mark Arnold

A demilune table is always an impressive addition and one Mark Arnold has designed is all the more impressive. With veneer work and bandings, these students will be soon be making their own statement as they finish this exciting project.

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An Introduction to the Hand Forged Blade with Matthew Parkinson

Newcomer Matthew Parkinson was a welcome addition to this years season. His class got to make some fabulous knives...and play with fire! They left with a whole new appreciation for metal work and some very impressive blades.

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