Weekend of 10/10/2015

This weekend we are joined by Jeff Volmer and "Advanced Band Sawn Boxes," Tim Puro with "Finishing As A Design Element," Mark and Carol Hedin with "Intro to Stained Glass" and Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton with "Making A Federal Executive Document Box." Wow!

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Thin Wall Vessels: Surface Design with Binh Pho [Oct'15]

Binh Pho brings his celebrated craft of highly decorated thin wall vessels to a new peak. This week is about exploring all the different option available to the woodturner that wants to set his work apart from the crowd. They accomplish that and more in this exciting workshop.

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Cabinetmaking with Marc Adams [Oct'15]

Cabinetmaking is one of the primary reasons people begin woodworking and there's no better introduction to the discipline than Marc's cabinetmaking class. These lucky students got to see first hand how a professional cabinetmaker goes about creating first-class cabinetry while making a profit at the same time. They left with lots of new knowledge and a first-rate cabinet to boot.

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Inlay & Engraving with Grit Laskin [Oct'15]

Grit Laskin's work is hailed as an exquisite example of the art of inlay by all who see his work. This week he shares his decades of expertise in creating one-of-a-kind inlay in stone, metal and wood that grace the guitars of numerous famous musicians with his class. They all leave with their own masterpiece well on the way to completion.

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Hand Tool Immersion 101 with Christopher Schwarz

There's nobody better than Christopher Schwarz to introduce a group of lucky woodworkers to the world of handtools and no better project than a traditional tool chest to try out new found tools and techniques. That's just some of what his class learned during this very special week.

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Upholstery: From Webbing to Springs to Show Covers with Mike Mascelli

Upholstery has been part of the furniture making tradition for hundreds of years, but very few woodworkers no anything about this important craft. This week Mike Mascelli shares this discipline with a group of lucky participants. They each transformed their own special piece of furniture and gave it new life!

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