Hands-On Finishing With Mitch Kohanek [June '13]

Mitch Kohanek returns for another sold-out class of "Hands-On Finishing". Mitch has proved, time and time again, that it takes both deep knowledge of your materials and a deft hand and eye to become a great finisher. Luckily, he comes to MASW with a huge treasure-trove of both!

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Cool Stools: in the Greene & Greene Style With Tim Celeski

Tim Celeski's penchant finely crafted, outdoor furniture meshed with his mastery of the Greene & Greene style, yields an exceptional result. This week his students produced his Medina Stool. Not only did they complete their stools, they got a great lesson in efficient use of woodworking machines!

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Simply Beautiful Boxes with Doug Stowe [May '13]

Doug Stowe's "Simply Beautiful Boxes" class is an annual favorite. So much so that we are running 2 sessions this year. Here are some of the best pictures from week with Doug!

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Fundamentals of Carving with Mary May [May '13]

Mary May joins us for her sold-out "Fundamentals of Carving" class. There's probably no better way to be introduced to the art of carving wood than spending a week exploring some timeless carved forms with Mary. Watch as they work through the flower, acanthus leaf, and classic shell (just to name a few). Before they do that, however, they must master the worm...

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Essentials of Cabinet Making with Zane Powell

Zane Powell, our MASW shop foreman and long time employee during Marc Adams' cabinet making days, is an ideal instructor if you want to learn the "Essentials of Cabinet Making". He creates an environment the really gets those new to woodworking of to a great start. Join us for a peek at a week learning the ins and outs of cabinetry!

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Making Your Own 3-Axis CNC Router With John Knight

An ambitious group of dedicated woodworkers descended on MASW for 7 days of "Making Your Own 3-Axis CNC Router With John Knight" this past week. It was definitely an over-the-top experience with over-the-top results! From thousands of parts, these guys crafted cutting edge machines which will be paying dividends for many years to come.

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