Fine Detailed Boxes with Adrian Ferrazzutti [Sept'15]

Adrian Ferrazzutti takes box making to a new level with his wrap-around veneered designs and exquisite craftsmanship. This week he shared his approach with the class as they took on the challenge of making these fine detailed boxes. Mission successful!

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Weekend of 9/26/2015

This weekend saw Jögge Sundqvist teaching "Scandinavian Spoon Making," Jennifer Shirley and Clay Foster taught "Turning Functional Objects for the Kitchen" while Michael Koppy demonstrated the benefits of "Using the Vertical Knee Mill: Bring Accuracy & Creativity to Your Woodworking." Now thats a diverse weekend lineup!

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Lustrous Surfaces: Wood, Brushed Metal, Flooring & Concrete with Thomas Schrunk

Thomas Schrunk can make almost any surface into a lustrous masterpiece; wood, metal or concrete, it doesn't matter. This week he shares a career worth of experience with his lucky participants. They leave with some really beautiful work and information they'll use in all their future projects.

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Furniture Restoration, Repair & Refinishing with Tim Puro [Sept'15]

Tim Puro brings his real world experience to MASW as he steps through the process of restoring, not one, but many different types of furniture during this week. The benefit is his students not only get to refinish their piece; they get to leave with the knowledge of how to handle multiple refinishing issues!

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Weekend of 9/19/2015

This weekend we hosted "Classic Shop Stool with Chris Gochnour," "Guitar Building Methods II with John Ressler" and "Making 32mm Cabinets by Festool with Brian Sedgeley." That's another way to say "stuff got made!"

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Apprenticeship with Stephen Proctor [Sept'15]

Stephen Proctor leads his class through his 2-week Apprenticeship class. It's a fast-paced tour of the art of designing and making furniture, while learning new skills and new ways of doing things along the way. Two weeks with Stephen is an ideal way to increase someone's mastery of the craft!

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