Weekend of 8/1/2015

This weekend's classes included: Carve a Colorful Byrdcliffe Panel with Bob Lang, Intro to Woodworking: Making a Cherry Lamp Table with Jerry C. Forshee and Spicing It Up: Making Stack Containers on the Lathe with Matthew Hill. Something for everyone!

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Pyrographic Arts in Wood: Color, Texture & Adding Dimension with David Kreider

David Kreider brings his expertise in pyrography and his unique multimedia approach to the field of wood-burning and the results are spectacular. His students quickly began crafting their own individual masterpieces and with David by their side, they all made some really stunning art. Best of all, they now know how to make more.

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Sculptural Rocking Chair with Marc Adams [Aug'15]

The Maloof-style rocker is one of America's classic furniture icons and and for decades, Marc Adams has been teaching this signature class. During this intensive 7 day class, he leads another group through his finely honed process. The results are certainly impressive and we can't wait to feature the completed chairs in upcoming student galleries!

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Small Decorative Boxes: The Next Level with Doug Stowe

Doug Stowe is no stranger around MASW his box making classes are legendary. This week he kicks things up a notch for this next level class. It's a chance to spend another week working with one of the premiere box-makers working today. It's also another chance to make a load of boxes in just 5 short days!

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Weekend of 7/25/2015

This weekend's pictures include shots from "The Craft, History and Culture of Spalting with Sara Robinson" and "Keepsake Jewelry Box with Doug Stowe." Marc Adams was also beginning "Sculptural Rocking Chair," but you'll see all those pictures next week.

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A Marquetry Odyssey with Silas Kopf [July'15]

We always enjoy having Silas Kopf at the school. As did these lucky participants. Silas spent lots of one on one time with students as they developed their own unique marquetry odyssey!

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