Woodturning with Alan Lacer [April '15]

We round out this week with a comprehensive overview of the art of woodturning with Alan Lacer. In just 5 short days his students got a taste of all the major categories of turned work including: spindle turning, bowl work, and making delicate lidded boxes. Everyone left with a healthy appreciation for the joys of woodturning.

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A Special Day with Gary Striegler

Gary Striegler joins us for the first event of the new season - and it's a great day for student and instructor alike. Best of all, all proceeds from the day went to support the Roger Cliffe Memorial Fund. The RCMF helps worthy students who might not otherwise be able to afford to attend MASW. Our summer intern program is just one way the RCMF continues change woodworkers lives!

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Joinery with Marc Adams [Oct '14]

We end our 21st season of classes the way we began it - with Marc's sold out Joinery class. Truly the bedrock of our woodworking program; it's launched the careers of a generation of woodworkers. What a wonderful way to end the season!

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Woodturning with Alan Lacer [Oct '14]

Alan Lacer helps us finish off the 2014 season with another sold out session. In just 5 days his students get to experience most of the disciplines that make up the craft of woodturning. How's that for a breakout class!

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Basic Metal Engraving for the Woodworker with Mike Dubber

Mike Dubber joins us to once again expand our horizons beyond just woodworking. He brings a wealth of information and plenty of practical experience to the art of metal engraving. See how you can step up your game with these additional techniques as Mike's class did in our final week of the 2014 season.

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Weekend of 10/25/2014

It's the last weekend of the 2014 season and still going all out! Couldn't help it with "How to Turn an Exact Sphere without Measuring with Hans Weissflog," Mitered Dovetails with Mack Headley" and "Making a Federal Executive Document Box with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton" in the shop!

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