Marquetry with Marc Adams [Oct '14]

Marc is acknowledged across the nation as a true expert of veneer and it's applications in marquetry. This week a group of lucky students get to learn what took Marc decades of experience to master. They leave with their own marquetry panels, the secrets to dying your own veneer and a wealth of experience!

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Iron & Wood: Building a Viking Mastermyr Tool Chest with John Burt

John Burt takes his students through the process of building this Viking Mastermyr Tool Chest from 1000 A.D. with nothing but hand tools and some hard work. Along the way, they learn some angled finger lap joinery and get lots of one-on-one time with John.

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Weekend of 10/4/2014

This weekend we are pleased to host "Advanced Band Sawn Boxes With Jeff Vollmer" and "Hand Planes and Their Uses With Thomas Lie-Nielsen and Christopher Schwarz." Three great instructors!

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Fine Detailed Boxes with Ferrazzutti

It's Adrian Ferrazzutti's first time at MASW, but it certainly won't be his last. Adrian taught his take on how to make high-end, finely detailed veneered boxes and all we could say was "Wow!" His approach takes box making to a whole new level and each of his students produced a masterful box and learned techniques they'll use again and again.

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Smithing a Hammered Copper & Mica Table Lamp with Ashford

Michael Ashford brings decades of experience with the metal work of the Arts & Crafts movement and the design for this hand-hammered copper lamp to MASW this week. By the end of the seven day class, all his student completed a classic copper and mica table lamp, complete with wiring and left with a whole new appreciation for detailed metal work.

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Classical Style Guitar with John Ressler [Sept '14]

It's time for John Ressler to share his guitar making magic with another class of up and coming Luthiers. This time they are making a classical style acoustic guitar!

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