Making an Acoustic Guitar with John Ressler [July'15]

John Ressler is well known in the music circles as a maker of incredible guitars and we know him as a superb craftsman who gladly shares all he knows with his students. He returned this week to lead a class through the crafting of some superb acoustic guitars.

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Small Decorative Boxes with Doug Stowe [July'15]

Doug Stowe returns to lead another group of students through the process of making boxes that are anything but ordinary. With judicious choice of wood and a keen eye for design, Doug gives the class the benefit of his years of experience. Then he cuts them loose...

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Metal Spinning for the Woodturner with Lynne Hull [July'15]

Lynne Hull joins us for a different kind of turning - metal spinning! Her students got lots of hands-on time at the lathes, as well as plenty of help from Lynne as they proceeded to make vessels and bowls galore.

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Veneering and Alternative Techniques, Inlay & Pattern Edge Applications with Scott Grove

As a multiple time winner of the Veneer Tech Challenge, Scott Grove is well known for his veneer skills. This week he shows how to wavy-match burls to any shape, and then add a solid wood edging to that shape. Whether used as a table top or unique platter, these skills will last a lifetime!

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Weekend of 6/20/2015

Four more great classes this weekend, including: Turned Bracelets with Barry Gross, Scandinavian Bent-Wood Boxes with Doug Stowe, Casting & Mold Making with Scott Grove and Beautiful Borders with John Koch!

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Fine Writing Instruments: Pen Making with Barry Gross [June '15]

Barry Gross's sold-out class continues to be a hit here at the school. Barry's pen's are at the top of the scale, both creatively and technically excellent. This week his participants made almost a dozen pens, with a street value in the thousands of dollars, using all the different options that Barry will demonstrate. By the end of the week, each will be able to make a pen that is uniquely customized for their customer.

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