Hand Tool Immersion 101 with Christopher Schwarz

There's nobody better than Christopher Schwarz to introduce a group of lucky woodworkers to the world of handtools and no better project than a traditional tool chest to try out new found tools and techniques. That's just some of what his class learned during this very special week.

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Upholstery: From Webbing to Springs to Show Covers with Mike Mascelli

Upholstery has been part of the furniture making tradition for hundreds of years, but very few woodworkers no anything about this important craft. This week Mike Mascelli shares this discipline with a group of lucky participants. They each transformed their own special piece of furniture and gave it new life!

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Wooden Kitchenware: Made With a Knife and Axe with Jögge Sundqvist

We were pleased to welcome Jögge Sundqvist to the school this year. He brought with him the Scandinavian concept of Sloyd and some first rate instruction on using a knife and an axe to make useful household kitchenware from trees they felled themselves. Nothing quite like a quiet day of carving wood at MASW.

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Fine Detailed Boxes with Adrian Ferrazzutti [Sept'15]

Adrian Ferrazzutti takes box making to a new level with his wrap-around veneered designs and exquisite craftsmanship. This week he shared his approach with the class as they took on the challenge of making these fine detailed boxes. Mission successful!

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Weekend of 9/26/2015

This weekend saw Jögge Sundqvist teaching "Scandinavian Spoon Making," Jennifer Shirley and Clay Foster taught "Turning Functional Objects for the Kitchen" while Michael Koppy demonstrated the benefits of "Using the Vertical Knee Mill: Bring Accuracy & Creativity to Your Woodworking." Now thats a diverse weekend lineup!

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Lustrous Surfaces: Wood, Brushed Metal, Flooring & Concrete with Thomas Schrunk

Thomas Schrunk can make almost any surface into a lustrous masterpiece; wood, metal or concrete, it doesn't matter. This week he shares a career worth of experience with his lucky participants. They leave with some really beautiful work and information they'll use in all their future projects.

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