The Power of Hand Tools: Making a Sea Chest With Chris Gochnour

Students spent this week focusing on using hand tools as they made a this sturdy sea chest. While there was no (or very little) talking like a pirate, there were plenty of angled dovetails to cut!

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Making an Acoustic Guitar With John Ressler [Sept.'13]

John Ressler gets another opportunity to share his enthusiasm and expertise in the art of acoustic guitar crafting with another group of talented individuals. Talk about combining a love of woodworking and of music. If you haven't seen it in person, then check it out now!

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Finishing Techniques: Old World to Modern Day with David Smith

David Smith provided plenty of hands-on time, along with plenty of real-world techniques to delight this group of students. And with plenty of furniture pieces to practice on, they all had plenty of opportunity to develop new skills.

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Weekend of 9/28/2013

This weekend we turn the facility over to 2 of our best shop assistants as they bring experience and sense of fun to "Bookcase for Two With Zane Powell & Doug Dale". In just 2 days they lead these folks through the crafting of exquisite bookcase while having a lot of fun along the way.

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Mastering the Curve: Bending, Joinery, and Shaping Wood with Michael Fortune

Michael Fortune is well known for his mastery of the curve in his own furniture creations. This week he shares that mastery as his class explores steam bending, laminating, vacuum forming, kerf-bending, and hot pipe bending.

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Weekend of 9/21/2013

The weekend, Marc Adams is joined by David Reilly and Megan Fitzpatrick at the the instructors bench. While David presents "Carving a Patriotic American Eagle" and Megan teaches "Making a Simple Shaker Table", Marc leads a one day seminar on "Getting the Most From Your Router". Yep, it's another diverse weekend of woodworking knowledge!

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