Marquetry with Marc Adams [April '15]

Our marquetry class is a staple of the school and there's nobody better able to teach the subject than our own Marc Adams. This week he steps his students through the basics, starting with parquetry, and then plunges full force into the art that is "painting with wood." And the results are stunning!

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Creative Turning with Michael Hosaluk

It was a pleasure to kick our 2nd week of the season off with the return of Michael Hosaluk. Michael is internationally recognized as one of the world's most creative woodturner. This week he shares his knowledge with a group of lucky students who took to his examples with enthusiasm!

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Fundamentals of Carving with Mary May [April '15]

Mary May is the perfect instructor to introduce wood carving techniques into your repertoire. Each day her students built on the skills learned the previous day to arrive at floral, acanthus, shell and linenfold carvings they wouldn't have thought possible on Monday morning.

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Gustav Stickley: The Morris Chair with Bob Lang

Bob Lang brings his knowledge of Arts & Crafts style furniture to bear as his class takes on the challenge of the classic Morris Chair. With lots of hard work on their part, they are well on the way to owning this timeless piece.

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Joinery with Marc Adams [April '15]

We kick our 2015 season off with 3 sold-out classes from 3 acknowledged experts in the woodworking field. In this class, Marc Adams leads one of our signature classes as his class progresses through the challenges of making great joinery in this transformational class. Using both hand-tools and machinery, they explore all the common furniture joints and leave with a large box of each type of joint.

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Designing Chairs with Michael Fortune [April '15]

Michael Fortune's students got a crash course in the challenging discipline of chair design this week. What started as a discussion of what makes a good chair quickly evolved into a room full of singular designs. With plenty of time to explore alternatives and many group discussion, everyone left with their own special chair designed.

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