Turning Between the Centers: Skew Chisel Training Camp with Alan Lacer

Alan Lacer is internationally recognized for his mastery of the Skew Chisel. This week he shares that mastery with a group of lucky students in this 5 day class.

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Basic Relief Carving with Mary May

Mary May brings a group of new wood carvers up to speed as they step through a series of guided exercises meant to introduce the basics of relief carving in just 5 days. By the end of the week, participants were carving acanthus leaves and fleur-de-lis with great enthusiasm!

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Practical Architectural Woodworking for the Home with Gary Striegler [Aug'15]

Gary Striegler has appeared on the cover of Fine Homebuilding magazine more times than any other author. This week his students find out why as they create cabinets, hidden doors and even a murphy bed!

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Curvy Furniture: Using Boatbuilding Techniques with David Orth [Aug'15]

David Orth shows his class how he uses boatbuilding construction techniques to make his signature curvy furniture and sculpture. They learn how to make any shape imaginable using thin forms stitched together to form a substrate suitable for fine veneer work or even a decorative finish.

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Decorative Turned Boxes with Matthew Hill [Aug'15]

Matthew Hill returns for a session of decorative box turning. His class not only gets the benefit of his years as a professional woodturner while they are at their lathes, they also get to experiment with his acclaimed decorative techniques with Matthew right by their sides. The results are impressive...and colorful)!

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Hands-On Finishing with Mitch Kohanek [Aug'15]

It's pretty much a given that we can never offer enough sessions of Mitch Kohanek's Hands-On Finishing class, and this sold-out class is no exception. During this week, these lucky participants get more opportunities to try their hands at a host of different finishes and techniques than many woodworkers get in a lifetime. And their learning from the best!

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