Turning for Furniture: Adding Structure, Function & Decorative Elements With Michael Mocho

For anyone who wants to refine their skills while exploring the creative applications of the lathe, a week with Michael Mocho is an excellent way to begin!

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Apprenticeship with Marc Adams [Oct '13]

Only thing more fun than one week of woodworking is two weeks of woodworking. The same is true for how much you can lean when your instructor is Marc Adams! Take a peek and see some of the things his class got to explore...

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Building a Shenandoah Valley Chippendale Chest with Headley & Hamilton

Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton are back for another period inspired masterpiece. They'll step the class through the process of crafting a beautiful Shenandoah Valley Chippendale Chest!

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Chatoyance: the Play of Light on Surfaces with Thomas Schrunk

Chatoyance, or the play of light reflection off the grain of the wood, adds a whole new dimension to the world of veneering as Thomas Shrunk's students learned during this exciting week at the school. The some seriously pretty burl going on here!

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Weekend of 10/19/2013

The weekend we have "Advanced Band Sawn Boxes with Jeff Vollmer", "French Polishing with Patrick Edwards", and "French Polishing with Patrick Edwards". Fun times...

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Painting With Wood: French Marquetry with Patrick Edwards

Using the "Chevalet de Marqueterie", Patrick Edwards takes his students through the process of "painting with wood" - just as marquetry was done in the 17th century. Along the way, they learn how to use the chevalet, assemble marquetry packets, and use hot glue for assembly to create beautiful Boulle patterns and beyond!

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