Making an Acoustic Guitar with John Ressler [2016]

John Ressler's guitars are legendary with many professional musicians and this week he shows another class how to build their own high end guitars. Oh...and there's music too!

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Weekend of 5/14/2016

This weekend's classes included "Do More with Traditional Handtools with Graham Blackburn" and "Festool System Essentials with Brian Sedgeley." Two great instructors for two lucky groups of students!

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Veneering: A Course of Action for Making Furniture with Marc Adams [2016]

In this five day exploration of high end veneered furniture, Marc Adams takes his students through the process of designing and building their own high end veneered cabinet. Everyone left with new expertise in veneering complex curves and new ideas to apply to their next project.

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Architectural Carving: Low/High Relief, Appliques and Moldings with Christopher Storb

Christopher Storb, the Conservator of Furniture and Woodwork at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, joined us this week to share his expertise in period architectural carving with a lucky class of students. It was an information packed week and a great introduction to the craft.

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Basic Metal Engraving for the Woodworker with Mike Dubber [2016]

Mike Dubber is hands down one of the best metal engravers working in the craft today. This week he passed some of that enormous body of knowledge on to woodworkers looking to distinguish their work from the pack.

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Make Your Own Solar Drying Kiln with Gene Wengert

Gene Wengert (a.k.a. - the Wood Doctor) brought his expertise in the characteristics of wood and it's drying to the school this week to teach the fundamentals of building and using a solar kiln. The class left with their own kilns ready for final finish and assembly and a lot of building tips and tricks from assistant, Mark Hedin.

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