Veneering: a Course of Action for Making Furniture with Marc Adams [July '14]

Panels of veneer and marquetry are no surprise here, but it's much rarer to find a veneering class that puts it all together to demonstrate the principles behind making modern veneered furniture. This week Marc Adams gave his class that opportunity and lead them through the process while they got plenty of hands-on experience with every type of veneer challenge they'll experience when making their own high-end furniture.

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Furniture Design Basics with Mark Del Guidice

We were very pleased to welcome Mark Del Guidice to MASW, not only because he's a noted furniture maker in his own right, but because we knew his class was in for a treat. This week Mark stepped his class through his own design process and helped each one develop a process suited to their own particular strengths. The question now is, "What will they design next?"

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Basic Cabinet Making with Zane Powell

Billed as one of our introductory classes, "Basic Cabinet Making" is all about getting to know the art of cabinetry inside and out! Our own shop foreman and professional cabinet maker Zane Powell is the perfect instructor to lead his class through the many choices a modern cabinetmaker has to make. His students take home a small cabinet and the knowledge to build any future project.

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Weekend of 6/21/2014

This weekend saw us hosting Jeff Vollmer with "Really Cool Band Saw Puzzle Boxes" and Keith Neer with "Principles of Woodworking: Making a Coffee Table with a Floating Top." Both classes got to try their hands at a lot of new techniques while learning a ton in the process. Oh, and they got to take home some really cool projects...

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Making a Windsor Settee Part I with David Wright

This week we were pleased to welcome chairmaker David Wright to our school to lead part one of "Making a Windsor Settee." The temperatures may have been hot, but that didn't stop David's motivated students from following the time tested traditions that define the Windsor Settee. At the end of the five days, they are well on the way to crafting their own signature piece!

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Weekend of 6/14/2014

This weekend we were pleased to host "Parent/Child Making a Skateboard/Longboard With Chris Gochnour" and "Son of Skew with Alan Lacer". No need to say that fun was had by all!

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