Weekend of 6/6/2015

The first weekend in June started off with more great classes. "Carbon Fiber & Furniture" taught by our own Mark Hedin explored a whole new material, Tim Celeski's students made "The Blacker House Entry Mirror," Garrett Hack lead his students through "Working with Curves."

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Precision With Hand Tools with Garrett Hack

Garrett Hack brings precision with handtools to a whole new level. This week's class got to experience his refined process for building precision hand-made furniture while they honed their own handtool skills!

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Making A Porch Swing with a Flair for the Arts & Craft Style with Tim Celeski

Tim Celeski is building some of the best Arts & Craft style furniture available today. In this week's project, he leads his students through the process of making a Porch Swing with all the hallmarks of true Arts & Craft masterpiece.

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Apprenticeship with Michael Fortune (Week 1) [June '15]

Michael Fortune begins the first week of his two-week apprenticeship. His class threw themselves into the spirit of the thing and the steaming and the bending began almost immediately! Lots of great demonstrations and the genesis of some really great projects.

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Through The Narrow Gate with Marc Adams & Bill Spencer

This week we the shop is devoted to a charity event to benefit the Narrow Gate Foundation. During the week these folks made a bunch of inspired boxes, complete with marquetry and an integrated locking system for the top. Each student made 2 boxes; one for themselves and one to give to a special person.

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Explore Unusual Materials and Methods in Woodturning & Flatwork with Hatcher

Stephen Hatcher returns to lead another group through the process of utilizing crushed minerals, dyes, and novel inlay techniques to add striking details to either flatwork or turned work. The results were impressive and the sheer volume of unique peices attests to the enthusiasm of Stephen's students.

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