Weekend of 10/19/2013

The weekend we have "Advanced Band Sawn Boxes with Jeff Vollmer", "French Polishing with Patrick Edwards", and "French Polishing with Patrick Edwards". Fun times...

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Painting With Wood: French Marquetry with Patrick Edwards

Using the "Chevalet de Marqueterie", Patrick Edwards takes his students through the process of "painting with wood" - just as marquetry was done in the 17th century. Along the way, they learn how to use the chevalet, assemble marquetry packets, and use hot glue for assembly to create beautiful Boulle patterns and beyond!

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Secrets of Furniture Restoration and Refinishing with Tim Puro

Tim Puro is becoming a familiar face behind the instructors bench (or in the spray booth) here at MASW. This week he steps his class through the process of furniture restoration and repair. Take a peek and see some of the projects they worked on over the course of the week.

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The Power of Hand Tools: Making a Sea Chest With Chris Gochnour

Students spent this week focusing on using hand tools as they made a this sturdy sea chest. While there was no (or very little) talking like a pirate, there were plenty of angled dovetails to cut!

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Making an Acoustic Guitar With John Ressler [Sept.'13]

John Ressler gets another opportunity to share his enthusiasm and expertise in the art of acoustic guitar crafting with another group of talented individuals. Talk about combining a love of woodworking and of music. If you haven't seen it in person, then check it out now!

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Finishing Techniques: Old World to Modern Day with David Smith

David Smith provided plenty of hands-on time, along with plenty of real-world techniques to delight this group of students. And with plenty of furniture pieces to practice on, they all had plenty of opportunity to develop new skills.

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