Weekend of 7/29/2017

This weekend included "Shaker Oval Boxes With Herman Bueno," "Woodturning for Women with Sara Robinson," "Veneering of Large Surfaces Both Curved & Flat with Paul Schürch" and "Making Jigsaw Puzzles with Purpose with Marc Tschida."

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A Week for Sara's Research: A Rediscovery of Spalted Wood in the Crafts of Our Era with Sara Robinson

Dr. Sara Robinson is the one of the only people world-wide that has spent her career investigating the scientific and aesthetic properties of spalting wood. This week MASW and her students donated $19,000 (all the class proceeds) towards her continuing research. It's good to give back!

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Make Your Own 3-Axis CNC: Let the Future Begin with John Knight [2017]

"Build, baby, build!" was the theme for John's class as they each made their own CNC machines from the ground up! Not only did they make the machines, they also learned how to operate and maintain them for years of solid reliability. It will be the grunt-work assistant they always wanted.

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Decorative Veneering with Paul Schürch [2017]

The name Paul Schurch is synonymous with elegant marquetry and veneer work. In five short days, Paul got an opportunity to share a wealth of information while he helped each student with plenty of one-on-one time.

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Fundamentals of Woodworking with Steve Latta

Steve Latta introduced some lucky newer woodworkers to the craft this week. They left with a lot more than just an elegant table. They got introduced to woodworking by one of America's best craftsman (and a phenomenal teacher, too)!

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Weekend of 7/22/2017

This weekend it was hands-on with "Making a Kumiko Box - Perfect for Keepsakes with Mike Pekovich," while Steve Latta demonstrated "Getting the Most From Your Router and Table Saw." Bob Lang taught "Sketchup for Today's Woodworker."

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