MASW Student Gallery Guidelines

Who Can Contribute to the Gallery?

Any MASW alumni (past or present) may contribute to the Student Gallery. We'd love to help you share your accomplishments with the rest of the MASW family!

What Do I Need to Submit?

First off, we need 1-3 pictures of your piece. The pictures need to be at least 1000 pixels in their smallest dimension. Don't know what we're talking about, don't worry. Send me what you've got and I can guide you from there. Keep in mind, many pictures from old cell phones are not of sufficient quality to make your project look its best. 

Second, we need some basic information about your piece.

  • when was completed
  • what wood did you use
  • what are the basic dimensions
  • what was the source for your design inspiration
    • an MASW class
    • an original design based on historical work
    • your own original design
    • a combination of all three
  • any other information that you think would interest other woodworkers
    • design considerations
    • technical challenges
    • a particular detail
    • anything else we need to know

How to I Submit?

Just email your pictures and the information above to markwithak at Please put MASW Student Gallery in the subject line so I don't miss your contribution. Send me any questions you've got as well. I'm happy to help highlight your work! If you prefer, you can also send us your submission via CD/DVD mailed to the school at:

Marc Adams School of Woodworking
Attn: Mark Sterner
5504 E. 500 North
Franklin, IN 46131

How Are Gallery Photos Selected?

I'm kind of curious about that myself. As we get an idea of the number of submission and the quality of the photography I'll be updating this page with more specifics.

My Photos Didn't Go Up Right Away...

Each time we rotate the gallery, I'll choose a nice range of projects to represent the diversity of the work being done by our alumni. If your pictures aren't in the current gallery, they'll probably be up next time I rotate the contributions. I'll email each person before their contribution goes on the Gallery page, so you can alert friends and family to take a look.