Our 2014 Summer Schedule

Student at the BenchMarc Adams School of Woodworking is pleased to bring you the first public unveiling of our upcoming 2014 Schedule of Classes. We know you’ll find this to be one of our most exciting workshop lineups, ever (and that’s saying something!)

If you’d like to view these classes in a printer-friendly format, you can see them here…
2014 Class Schedule by Date - Here
2014 Class Schedule by Topic - Here

And there’s lots more information still to come! Stay connected as we add more info about our instructors and the details of each and every class in the days and weeks ahead. By November, we’ll have everything posted and you can begin planning your 2014 visit to to MASW.

Public Registration begins December 2, 2013!


Coming in 2014!



March 31-April 4 Bow Front Chest with Michael Fortune
March 31-April 4 Joinery with Marc Adams
March 31-April 4 Woodturning with Alan Lacer
April 5-6 Turned & Twisted with Alan Lacer and Michael Fortune
April 5-6 Adding Inlaid Accents to Bowls & Platters with Stephen Hatcher
April 7-11 Lots of Legs with Allan Breed
April 7-11 Hands-On Finishing with Mitch Kohanek
April 7-11 Inlay for Woodturning & Flatwork with Stephen Hatcher
April 14-18 Basic Woodworking with Marc Adams
April 14-18 Fundamentals of Carving with Mary May
April 14-18 An Engineers Approach: Making a Screw Advance Box Joint Jig with Matthias Wandel
April 22-26
(Tues to Sat)
Handskills Every Woodworker Should Know with Stephen Proctor
April 22-26
(Tues to Sat)
Deep Hollow Vessels: Creating & Embellishing with Steve Sinner
April 22-26
(Tues to Sat)
Lettering & Sign Carving with Bob Yorburg
April 28-May 2 Developing the Idea: Design with Michael Fortune
April 28-May 2 Decorative Turned Boxes with Matthew Hill
April 29-May 3 Making a Shenandoah Valley Tall Case Clock with Headley & Hamilton


May 3 Making a Living as an Artist, Designer and Furnituremaker with Michael Fortune
May 3-4 Teapots: Vessels with Carved Fee & Handles with Michael Hosaluk
May 4 Secret Compartments: Hidden Treasures with Headley & Hamilton
May 3-9 Sculptural Rocking Chair with Marc Adams
May 5-9 Joint Maker Pro I with John Economaki
May 5-9 Creative Turning with Michael Hosaluk
May 12-16 Curvy Furniture: Using Boatbuilding Techniques with David Orth
May 12-16 Joint Maker Pro II with John Economaki
May 12-23 Apprenticeship with Scott Grove
May 17 Power Carving with Scott Grove
May 17-18 Pickin’ Stick with John Ressler
May 17-18 Hammer Veneering with David Orth
May 17-18 Elegant Glass Doors with Steve Latta
May 19-23 Decorative Details with Steve Latta
May 19-24 Making an Acoustic Guitar with John Ressler
May 27-31 Developing Fine Woodworking Skills: Undertaking A Masterpiece Pt I with Alf Sharp
May 27-31 Veneering with Paul Schurch
May 27-June 1 Aurora Sofa Table with Darrell Peart


June 2-6 Fine Writing Instruments: Pen Making with Barry Gross
June 2-6 Joinery with Marc Adams
June 2-7 Making a Greene & Greene Rocking Chair with Thomas Stangeland
June 7-8 Getting the Most from Your Scroll Saw with Marc Berner
June 7-8 Finishing Common Woods to Look Amazing with Tim Puro
June 9-13 Making an 18th Century Workbench with Christopher Schwarz
June 9-13 Traditional Woodworking with Chris Gochnour
June 9-13 Woodturning II with Alan Lacer
June 14-15 Parent/Child Making a Skateboard/Longboard with Chris Gochnour
June 14-15 Son of Skew with Alan Lacer
June 14-22 Make Your Own 3-Axis CNC Router with John Knight
June 16-20 Making a Sculpted Settee Part I with Marc Adams
June 16-20 Making a Windsor Settee Part I with David Wright
June 21-22 Principles of Woodworking: Making a Coffee Table with a Floating Top with Keith Neer
June 21-22 Really Cool Bandsaw Puzzle Boxes with Jeff Vollmer
June 23-27 Through the Narrow Gate with Marc Adams


July 7-11 Veneering : A Course of Action for Making Furniture with Marc Adams
July 7-11 Furniture Design Basics with Mark Del Guidice
July 7-11 Basic Cabinetmaking with Zane Powell
July 12 Infuse Your Work with New Possibilities with Mark Hedin
July 12-13 Pattern Inlay & Decorative Borders with Steve Latta
July 12-13 Chip Carving with Herman Bueno
July 14-18 Kinetic Sculpture: Toying with Wood with John Morgan
July 14-18 Cabinets for the Home, Shop or Office with Gary Striegler
July 14-20 Demilune Card Table with Steve Latta
July 19-20 Whirligig Magic: Parent & Child Woodworking with John Morgan
July 19-20 Festool System Essentials with Brian Sedgeley
July 21-25 Bottle Magic with Jeff Scanlan
July 21-25 Fine Cabinetmaking with Mike Pekovich
July 21-27 Assembling & Carving a Medium 'Rocky' Traditional Style Rocking Horse with Anthony Dew
July 26 Essential Bench Jigs with Mike Pekovich
July 26-27 Basic Veneering with Marc Adams
July 28-August 1 Small Decorative Boxes with Doug Stowe
July 28-August 1 Hands-On Finishing with Mitch Kohanek
July 28-August 1 Marquetry with Marc Adams


August 2-3 Small Decorative Cabinets with Doug Stowe
August 2-3 Taking Control of Color: the Next Step in Finishing with Mitch Kohanek
August 2-3 Basic Upholstery with Mike Mascelli
August 4-8 Table Techniques: Joinery, Sculpting and Accents with Keith Neer
August 4-8 Classical Relief Carving with Mary May
August 4-8 Sculpting with Glass & Copper with Cathy Claycomb
August 4-8 Mixed Media for the Craftsman: Casting Concrete, Epoxy and Stone with Mark Hedin
August 9-10 Parent/Child Making a Stereoscope for the Digital World with David Orth
August 9-10 Scandinavian Style Figure Carving with Harley Refsal
August 9-10 Tools for Finishers: Choosing & Using the Right Brush with Tim Puro
August 11-15 Making a Sculpted Settee Part II with Marc Adams
August 11-15 Making a Windsor Settee Part II with David Wright
August 11-15 Steel & Bronze for the Woodworker with David Orth
August 11-15 Hand & Machine Skills: Making Timeless Furniture with Doug Dale
Aug 16 25 Ways to Cut Mortise & Tenons with Jerry C. Forshee
August 16-17 Illustration for Woodworkers Who Can't Draw with David Orth
August 16-17 Beautiful Borders: Using Siver Wire, Stone & Precious Metals with John Koch
August 18-22 Decorative Veneering with Bill Hull
August 18-22 Build a New Lebanon Shaker Rocker with Kerry Pierce
August 18-29 Apprenticeship with Michael Fortune
August 23 Photographing Your Work with Michael Fortune
August 23-24 Making a Veneered Jewelry Box with Bill Hull
August 23-24 BobCAD-CAM: Software for Today's Woodwoker with Cody Sheppard
August 25-29 Joinery II with Marc Adams
August 25-29 Beauty In the Wind: Maximize Movement with Christopher White
August 25-29 Wood and Its Relationship to the Turned Vessel with Todd Hoyer


Sept 2-6
(Tues to Sat)
Basic Woodworking with Marc Adams
Sept 2-6
(Tues to Sat)
Furniture Restoration, Repair and Refinishing with Tim Puro
Sept 2-6
(Tues to Sat)
Basics of Woodturning with Matthew Hill
Sept 8-12 Developing Fine Woodworking Skills: Undertaking A Masterpiece Pt II with Alf Sharp
Sept 8-12 Trompe L'oeil: Sculpting & Shaping to Trick the Eye with Stephen Proctor
Sept 8-12 Segmented Turning: Where Precision Partners with Turned Elegance with Malcolm Tibbetts
Sept 13 Plaster: Making Architectural Moldings with Scott Grove
Sept 13 Getting the Most From Your Table Saw with Stephen Proctor
Sept 13-14 Jewelry: Making the Metal Move with Myra Perrin
Sept 15-19 Curved Front Writing Desk with Chris Gochnour
Sept 15-19 Veneering, Inlay and Pattern Edges with Scott Grove
Sept 15-19 Creating Exceptional Home Interiors with Gary Striegler
Sept 20-21 Hand Tool Tune Up with Chris Gochnour
Sept 20-21 Making Bent Carving Knives with David Franklin
Sept 20-21 Making a Dulcimer with John Ressler
Sept 22-26 Mastering the Curve: Bending, Joinery and Shaping Wood with Michael Fortune
Sept 22-26 Sculptural Carving: Adding That 3rd Dimension with David Franklin
Sept 22-28 Classical Style Guitar with John Ressler
Sept 27 Getting the Most from Your Bandsaw with Michael Fortune
Sept 27-Oct 3 Smithing a Hammered Copper & Mica Table Lamp with Michael Ashford
Sept 29-Oct 3 Foundations of Better Woodworking with Jeff Miller
Sept 29-Oct 3 Fine Detailed Boxes with Adrian Ferrazzutti


October 4-5 Handplanes and Their Uses with Christopher Schwarz & Thomas Lie-Nielsen
October 4-5 Tuning Your Handtools for Performance with John Bert
October 4-5 Advanced Bandsaw Boxes with Jeff Vollmer
October 6-10 Iron & Wood: Making a Viking Mastermyr Tool Chest with John Burt
October 6-10 Marquetry with Marc Adams
October 6-10 Woodturning with Jimmy Clewes
October 11 25 Ways to Edge Plywood with Jerry C. Forshee
October 11-12 Forging Your Own Hardware with John Burt
October 11-12 Machine Maintenance, Jigs & Fixtures with Powell & Dale
October 13-17 It's All in the Details with Michael Fortune
October 13-17 Decorative Finishes: Distressing, Aging, Glazing, Fuming, Crackle & Faux Inlays
with Mitch Kohanek
October 13-17 Bowls: Traditional, Natural Edges & Nested with Andy Cole
October 18-19 Making Straight & Curved Waterfall Edges with Michael Fortune
October 18-19 Shellac: The Forgotten Finish with Mitch Kohanek
October 20-24 Making a Pair of Serpentine Sofa Tables with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton
October 20-24 Boxes & More with Hans Weissflog
October 20-24 18th Century Carving with Mack Headley
October 25-26 Making a Federal Document Box with Jeff Headley & Steve Hamiltion
October 25-26 Mitered Dovetails with Mack Headley
October 25-26 How to Turn an Exact Sphere Without Measuring with Hans Weissflog
October 27-31 Basic Metal Engraving for the Woodworker with Mike Dubber
October 27-31 Joinery with Marc Adams
October 27-31 Woodturning with Alan Lacer