Sunday, June 2, 2013

Closing Out Last Week (and the Month of May)

Well, given that Memorial Day weekend pushed our classes onto a Tuesday to Saturday timeline, we're all enjoying a day off. I thought I'd use this momentary lull to give you a quick peek into some of what took place during last week's classes.

The highpoint of the week was the presentation of another Master's award, this time to Kirk McElhinney! Kirk finished up his last requirement during “Fundamentals of Carving with Mary May”. Kirk visits us from Johnson City, Tx each year, and has been since his first class back in 2006 (we think…). His first class was Malcolm Tibbetts and “Segmented Turning” (so we know he's not afraid of a little challenge). He's semi-retired now, the owner of his own business, and spends his time - you guessed it! - woodworking (especially Greene & Greene inspired work). Congratulations, Kirk!

Kirk McElhinney

During Presentation Night, Marc also announced that work on the 2014 schedule has commenced! Our first 15 instructors have already committed. Marc also mentioned that our Newsletter will be the preferred (and more importantly), the first place that we'll announce plans for 2014 season. If you're not already subscribed, drop me a line at…

Zane Powell's class spent the week in the front shop learning the “Essentials of Cabinet Making”. As the former foreman of Marc's old cabinet shop, there's nobody better equipped to lead folks through an introduction to cabinet making than Zane! Two words sum up Zane's style of teaching - his often given response - “Great question!” As you see, his class made some top notch cabinetry this week!

A Almost Completed Cabinet - Just Needs the Top! Zane Works With a Student A Completed Drawer

Mary May Instructs at MASWIn the Outpost, Mary May conducted another installment of her popular class, “Fundamentals of Carving” as she quickly got her group up to speed. They started by “doing the worm”. And before you ask, it's a carving exercise, not a dance. And yes, I can assure you no Tequila was involved - we're a family operation. They may have started with “the worm” but they quickly progressed to flowers and acanthus leaves, not to mention shells and linen folds. Take a look for yourself!

Some of the Carving Exercises


Doug Stowe Fits a Box Together Using Finger JointsFinally, taking over the back shop this week (and I do me taking over) was Doug Stowe's “Beautiful Boxes” class. This one has always been an annual favorite of the school. Doug is a well known author and instructor in the woodworking circles and we are always pleased to have him back. The thing that always impresses us is how many boxes get made in 5 short days. Mark Hedin was estimating something like 5–6 per person or well over 60 for the class. Nice going, people. Here are a few that caught my eye…

Some Boxes Made by a Student Some Boxes Made by Doug Stowe

All in all, not a bad week (and that's a understatement)!

Up Next Week:
- Cool Stools: in the Greene & Greene Style With Tim Celeski
- Hands-on Finishing With Mitch Kohanek
- Open Shop




Way to go Kirk! I have enjoyed all the classes we have had together and always staying in touch.

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