Saturday, September 29, 2012

Karen's Cafe - 9/28/12

Hi everybody!!

Just quickly want to bring to everyone's attention our intern's letter on the the MASW blog. His kind words are much appreciated.

Things are moving along quite nicely here at MASW. It won't be long and we'll be closing down shop for the winter months. Seems like just last week that we started the school year.

Susie, Paula and I had a staff meeting on Monday.   I can't tell you anything else...I've been sworn to secrecy (pinky swear, which is the GRAND-POOBA of "sealants" on secrets!) But man, it was a great time with LOTS of laughs. Too bad you couldn't be there. I've said too much already. Pretend I didn't mention anything.

I've been watching the reality show, "Bar Rescue" lately. Good show that really gives me a renewed appreciation for our ubber clean kitchen. So anyway, they have "expert" bartenders come in and show the bartender's how to operate in their particular bar. One thing I learned, which really doesn't apply to us since we aren't a bar but can be helpful in other ways, is how to use "flare." In other words, as your shaking a bottle of...errr..something "shakeable" use a little showmanship. Lift it up in one hand and shake it and other body parts along with it. Now, GET YOUR MIND OUTTA' THE GUTTER FOLKS!! I don't mean THOSE body parts!! Like, shake your SHOULDER'S...for heaven's sake! Susie and I were trying it out, when the student who came earlier to get a snack (who we thought was Lonnnggg gone!) caught us at it. Now we weren't doing anything highly embarrassing, but we certainly didn't want to be caught at it. At least not until we had perfected our technique. Anyway, we later relayed this story to Doug who came up with this little "gem." He said we could just say we were dancing with "Pam." Which amazingly enough we were.

Just think about it.

Karen ;)



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