Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Karen's Cafe - 8/8/12

Sorry that I was M.I.A. yesterday! I had every intention of blogging, however I had an issue in the kitchen I had to take care of. Here's the story....

As most of you know, we lost...umm, we lost....hmm, give me a minute here...ummmm, oh yeah! Theodore! last week in the kitchen. It was an accident, at least I think it was. I don't believe for one minute he intentionally jumped off of the counter. I mean, he didn't appear unhappy. What could make him so miserable that he would intentionally jump from the counter and shatter himself into a million pieces? He was at Marc Adams School of you know how many dishes would KILL for his job. Oops! Bad choice of words.

So anyway, he meant so much to the kitchen staff it really hurt to replace...err...umm,.....oh yeah..Theodore! but it HAD to be done....there were cakes to be mixed. So, this weekend I went to Meijer because that was where I bought Theodore to replace the measuring bowl before him. Oh..Oh man!...I sense a pattern here! You don't think the measuring bowls are unhappy here do you? I mean, we don't mistreat anything around here and we use them all equally. There shouldn't be any dissension in the kitchen. We are the next best thing to Disneyland. What dish in it's right mind would want to leave here? Especially in a million pieces?? Sorry, I digress...

Back to Meijer, so I purchased a new glass measuring bowl and put it in my car to bring here on Monday. I get here in the morning and we don't need a measuring bowl to prepare lunch, so I don't think about the "new guy." By the way, we haven't named him yet because you have to form a personal relationship with a dish before you name 'em. I mean what if you name him "Phil" but later, as you get to know one another, you discover he really is a "Mike." It doesn't bear thinking about!

Again, I digress. So I remember the "new guy" and go to the Meijer bag to get him out and officially wash him for the first time. Guess what? He's not there! I look EVERYWHERE for him. Where the heck could he have gone? He's a DISH for heaven's sake! I get out the receipt and there it is for everyone to see...I purchased a glass measuring bowl. But he's no where to be found. Finally, I give up. I get in my car to go home, resigned to the idea that I have to AGAIN go to Meijer to purchase another bowl. Guess what I find?...yup,...there's the bowl. He had apparently rolled out of the sack and rattled around in my car not caring one whit that he had a job to do in our kitchen. Slacker! I'm gonna have to keep an eye on him. I can't let his attitude poison the rest of the kitchen utensils so I may have to get a little "rough." Nothing too know, just a little reminder of who's boss. If he's not careful, I'm gonna have to name him..."Chip"

Karen ;)



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