Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Magical Week!

Alan and Mary Lacer and students at the latheMagic show timeSteve Latta works on leg banding

Last weekend seemed like an all family affair as we welcomed Alan and Mary Lacer to the lathe room with “Husband and Wife Woodturning” while in the Outpost we hosted nationally recognized magician Jeff Scanlan and his “Parent and Child Magic Class”. It's always a treat when families are at the school - and this weekend was no exception. If you'd like to get a sense of some of the fun, including the magic show that finished off the weekend, head over to our Facebook page by clicking on the following link: Weekend of 7/21/2012 (note: no login is required)...

But that's not all - we still had 2 days to go in Steve Latta's “Making a Sofa Table” class (a totally understated class title, if ever I saw one). As anyone who's taken a class with Steve knows, any furniture project he teaches is likely to be embellished with banding and detailed inlay work. And that's just what the students came to learn. It was worth 7 days of hard work when you saw the final results, as you can plainly see.

Some of the inlay work...

And that was just the weekend...

As I write this, Zane and Doug are putting the final touches on the shop cleanup after our weeklong classes - "Bottle Magic with Jeff Scanlan" and "Fundamentals of Woodturning with Matthew Hill".

Now a lot of folks have asked us "Why a bottle magic class - it's a woodworking school?" so here's the explanation of why this class absolutely belongs at MASW. Before I do though, keep this fact in mind - our own Marc Adams and John Economaki (of Bridge City Tools fame) both thought this class worthwhile enough that they attended as students this week! The reason this class is a perfect match for the school is that Jeff's "Bottle Magic" class is all about learning to push your mind and adapt your techniques to creatively problem solve and so accomplish the "impossible". See why Marc and John are naturals for this?? It might also be that anyone (and I mean ANYONE) not enrolled in the class was absolutely banned from entering the Outpost this week - so to find out how to cram 14 tennis balls through the neck of a 1 gallon jug, what choice did they have?? :-) As our cameras were also banned from the Outpost, we won't have any pictures of this class for you in the coming week. So to give you some idea of what was going on, I'd like to point you to an article that Jeff wrote after teaching this class here the first time. Let us know what you think!

GAMES Magazine:October 2011 - Bottle Magic

Now while Jeff and his gang were busy being secretive, veteran instructor Matthew Hill returned to again to share his expertise with another group of students exploring the fundamentals of turning wood. Matthew is a talented turner and one of the most approachable instructors we have here at the school. I hope that the sign that went up on the door to the lathe room Tuesday afternoon doesn't mean that Matthew has learned some of Jeff's secretive ways. The sign stated that only woodturners were allowed past the door due to the nature of the trade secrets being discussed within (luckily Mark Headin and I ARE woodturners, so there will be pictures of that class posted next week). Don't tell Matthew...

Well, whad'ya know?!? It's time to start a whole new week...




Steve Lattas classes are awesome and he?s a super nice guy too !!!!!

Posted by: Dave Randall on July 28, 2012 at 12:10:00 am

Steve is one of my personal favorites as far as instructors go!

Posted by: markwithak on April 30, 2012 at 4:10:00 pm

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