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Teaching & Making Froebel's Gifts with Doug Stowe

Dates: 6/17/2017 - 6/17/2017
Tool List: Click here for tool list

Cost: $150
Materials: $10
Deposit: $50

Friedrich Froebel invented Kindergarten in the mid-19th century and as his methods for early childhood education spread his special toys for hands-on learning were hand-made in small towns and villages throughout the world. He called these toys, "Gifts" and numbered them so that they would be introduced in a sequence related to the developmental needs of each child. This one day course will introduce students to progressive, hands-on education. Students will craft two "gifts" and become familiar with an early educational system that was crucial in the creative lives of architects and engineers, like Frank Lloyd Wright and Buckminster Fuller. This class is intended for parents, grandparents, and teachers interested in developing the crucial relationship between hands, minds and creative expression, thus providing a leg up in all learning.

Key Points:

  • Learn the history of kindergarten and its impact on education
  • Make Froebel's Gifts #3 and #4 and learn their use
  • Learn the theory of child-centered, hand centric learning
  • Give your own child a firm foundation for future learning and growth

There is a $45 annual registration fee that will be added to your the total amount of the class if this is the first class you are registering for this season.

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