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Steel & Bronze for the Woodworker with David Orth

Dates: 8/11 - 8/15
Tool List: Click here for tool list

Cost: $750
Materials: $240
Deposit: $300

Masters Fellowship

Metalworking skills can greatly enhance a woodworker's range of abilities and design options. It can free up our thinking about what is possible and make us less dependent on store bought solutions. Bronze & steel are the perfect metals for woodworkers. Bronze is emotionally nuanced, malleable, and allows for a great variety of finishes or patinas. Steel is strong and plays well with wood. David approaches metal work with a background in fine woodworking and small boat building. He has developed a versatile technique using 16-gauge (1/16" thick) metal plate to create a variety of large geometric and organic forms with a minimum amount of material and weight.

Students will explore several methods of working these materials ranging from easy to difficult. Many of the techniques can be managed with tools already available to the woodworker. Students will be introduced to a design process reminiscent of boat building from which surprisingly full and curvilinear shapes can be constructed out of otherwise flat material. Each student will begin by making several small objects in steel and bronze. After this short introduction, each person will make their own tabletop sculpture or functional object. Natural patinas and other finishes will be explored.

Key Points:

Unique safety procedures for metalworking in a woodworking environment
Fundamental tools and techniques for working metal--some surprisingly familiar to woodworkers
Several methods of cutting metal
A variety of metal forming techniques for the small shop
Several textures you can apply to a metal surface
Several methods of joining the metal including rivets, rivet-nuts, soldering, and welding
Techniques and tools for grinding metal and cleaning up welds
Metal blending and burnishing methods
Several classic patinas and protective coatings
How to design freeform, hollow shapes

There is a $45 annual registration fee that will be added to your the total amount of the class if this is the first class you are registering for this season.

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