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Through the Narrow Gate with Marc Adams

Dates: 6/23 - 6/27
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Cost: $750

Have you ever seen, witnessed or been a part of something so special that it inspired you to "act" or be moved in a way that you can't explain? It's that feeling of emotion where you well up inside. I define that feeling as "indescribable" and it is wonderful. I've had those moments several times in my life, like when my dad told me he loved me at my wedding, or when my children were born and every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner at a sporting event. You know those times; you've experienced them as well--moments of overwhelming emotion.

What about the special people in your life? Everyone can point to at least one very special person who has directly affected the story of their life. For me it was my grandmother. I never really told her what a difference she made in my life--if only I would have taken the time. Although I am thankful each day for how she shaped my life, I missed the opportunity to hug her and tell her that I loved her. I bet there is someone special in your life as well. And just like me, you have probably not taken the time to express your true gratitude to that very special person.

These emotional memories and special people don't occur in our lives through happenstance. They happen because of Divine intervention. It's the Holy Spirit reminding us, and showing us, the wonder of God's never ending love.

In May of 2013, I had the opportunity to spend a few days talking about woodworking to a group of young men at Narrow Gate in Williamsport, TN. While I was there I experienced the Holy Spirit in such a way that it stopped me in my tracks. I thought I was there for them, but it became clear that they were there for me--I was indescribably moved to "act". These exceptional young men are learning how to serve others through the giving of their time, talents and discipleship. They will live purposeful lives and leave their fingerprints on the heart of all they meet. They have chosen to pass through the Narrow Gate.

Okay, so what's this all have to do with a workshop at MASW? And is it really FREE? Yes it is free from the schools standpoint. Your tuition, materials and meals will all be provided by MASW for no charge. But we are asking that participants make a tax deductible donation of no less than $750 to the Narrow Gate Foundation. 100 percent of your donation will be used for the Narrow Gate ministry, to serve and glorify God. It is our hope that through your generosity that we can provide growth to their artisans shops where young men learn the crafts of woodworking, woodturning, leather work and metalworking.


This workshop will consist of each person making two special document boxes. One box will be for you and the other box will be for you to give to that very special person in your life. These keepsake boxes will involve intricate marquetry, unique ornamentation, exposed fine joinery and be made from some of the finest woods available today. NO PREVIOUS WOODWORKING SKILLS WILL BE NECESSARY. Throughout the week each person will be given three handcrafted, heirloom pieces created by Narrow Gate Artisans that will eventually be placed in your personal box as a keepsake reminder of what you accomplished in one very special week. The workshop will be divided into 4 groups that will rotate through different stations throughout the day and week.

Each day the young men from Narrow Gate will provide all the services to make for a successful week. One of their chores will be to help Susie and Karen in the kitchen. Lunch will be provided each day and there will be two special breakfasts prepared as well as two evening dinners. You will not go hungry while you are here. During the week the staff from Narrow Gate will provide entertainment and share their faith and testimonials. Through your personal experience you will see that we are all born with purpose, separated by choice, redeemed through sacrifice and destined for service.

There is a $45 annual registration fee that will be added to your the total amount of the class if this is the first class you are registering for this season.

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