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Get Creative With Epoxy With Marilyn Campbell

Dates: 11/4/2013 - 11/8/2013
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Cost: $725
Materials: $50
Deposit: $300

Masters Fellowship Turning

This class offers a chance to explore creative ways to enhance your turnings by using epoxy resin. The objective is to give students some ideas and "design tools" to work with so they can confidently create their own outstanding work. There are three central techniques to master. These include the band saw inlay, a method similar to segmented turning but with flowing lines and without the precision; the easy inlay, an economical way to create an eye-catching focal point in a bowl or platter; and the overlay, a molding technique that has many uses. All are simple methods that result in complex-looking works. Students will complete projects using all three techniques. There is some choice in the projects available to allow the student to pick the level with which they feel most comfortable. Marilyn will give each student individual attention with their chosen projects. You will learn shaping, pigmenting, piercing and texturing of the resin components. Topics to be covered will include everything from how to create an interesting and pleasing design, how to make a pattern and transfer it to the wood, and how to cut and shape the components for assembly. Special attention will be paid to avoiding the problems encountered when working with resins. Students will be encouraged to come up with their own designs, but Marilyn will provide many design samples to either use or to help with the flow of ideas.

Key Points:

*Band saw use and safety
*Discussion of design basics, getting the most from your efforts
*Fundamentals of epoxy: mixing, handling and safety
*Step by step method for making a Band saw Inlay platter
*Method for creating an Easy Inlay on a platter or bowl
*Molding techniques and their applications
*Problems to avoid and problem solving

There is a $45 annual registration fee that will be added to your the total amount of the class if this is the first class you are registering for this season.

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