What Separates MASW from Other Places

Instructor Matthew Hill works one-on-one with a student at the latheThroughout North America there are a lot of woodworking and craft schools that range in duration from a few weeks to several years. Usually "staff" instructors teach these programs, and the curriculum has limitations to a specific style, philosophy or process. What separates MASW from these programs is the fact that our classes are short-term and much more intensive. We offer a wide variety of topics with the best instructors this world has to offer. You choose the date, instructor, and class(es) that best suit your needs. Our curriculum is diverse and offers three levels of achievement. It's even possible to become a Fellow of the school in two different disciplines. I call this "personalized" education and believe it's the way of the future. All our classes are in our facility and are hands-on with a real life instructor. Plus, as an added bonus, our staff will be among the finest people you will ever meet. They will become a part of your family.

If you are considering some type of training or formal education in woodworking, then the choice is straightforward - we simply offer you more choices, better diversity, and bona fide credibility. There is no other university, college, vocational program, YouTube video, online workshop or general woodworking/craft school on the planet that can boast that.



Teacher/Assistant to Student Ratio: Do the Math

Phil Lowe checks a board for squareAt MASW we have the facilities, equipment, staff and instructors to make your experience as personal as possible. If you do the math for one of our classes that requires the power room, you’ll see we have a teacher/assistant to student ratio of 1 to 5. Factor in that the school has more equipment and space than any other program in North America.

However I personally feel the important aspect to consider when selecting a hands-on intensive summer program is not about ratios and space. I believe selecting a school should be based on whether that school creates an environment that has spirit brought by lots of people who all share a common passion and can’t wait to network, play, and learn together. In such an environment, additional learning takes place through serendipity. The true equation of our program is that by the time you add up your new friends and what you’ve learned, then factor in your experience with our world-class instructors and staff, you will always come out mathematically ahead.