What People Are Saying About Marc Adams School of Woodworking This Year

Enthusiastic students gather around the workbench."Thanks for the great week spent at MASW. I learned quite a bit and made some good contacts...all the usual at MASW!"
Brother Maximilian, VA

"I still am doing woodworking projects but am starting to slow down a bit. (78) over all. I just completed a cabinet project for my church. It was a large display cabinet made from oak. I could not have done that project if I did not attend MASW. Someday I would just like to come to your school just to say Hi."
Herb Pfundt, MI

"God has made a way for me to come and attend so many classes over the years. Someday that might slow down, but even if it does, I will come and visit and think about all the good times I've had there. Many, many good memories. Thanks for your friendship."
Morris Ridenour, IN

"I was impressed with your speech at the slideshow. I think it is great both the philanthropy you do and how open you are about your faith and giving God the glory. God calls us to disciple to others and to be His witnesses, but I don't see it happen very often. So thank you for being a good example in that way."
Josh Harris, IN

"This year I attended my first class and now second. I am very thankful for having this school in my own back yard, and only wish I would have started attending sooner. It is an amazing place and school. Thank you for re-energizing me in my woodworking."
Kevin LaFave, IN

"Congratulations on another wonderful school year. Please tell all the MASW Team how much I appreciate their contributions to making me a better craftsman. Thank you for creating and operating a fabulous facility."
Keith Bethea, IN

"Thank you so much for your hospitality and for providing the amazing opportunity to be your Intern. This has been a truly formative experience for me–I learned an incredible amount, had a lot of fun, and feel I will continue to grow as a craftsman. Small stones can make wide ripples."
Jared Moore, WA

"Marc, I wanted to thank you for how I got my last tables into Fine Woodworking. Without the school, I doubt I would even have designed those tables, so thank you so much."
Daryl Rosenblatt, NY

"I want to thank you for such a great week of instruction. They were some long days but some of the fastest long days that I can remember and I was truly excited on my drive in each day as to about what new skills we would learn."
Kyle Ericksen, IN

"Thanks again for the work you and your school does, what a great learning experience."
Tom Palmer, OK

"Thank you for the week of building pews. I am in awe of your ability to coordinate an entire year of classes, instructors and materials."
Steve Hubbard, AL

"MASW is our favorite woodworking school and we value our friendship with you. The friends we've made here are a real blessing. We are much better woodworkers thanks to you, your staff and your carefully selected instructors. Thank you so much for creating such a special place. Over the years we've witnessed the wonderful opportunities provided by the RCMF (Roger Cliffe Memorial Fund). We will continue to support it whenever we can."
Janet Keller and Suzanne Dunahm, OH

"Thank you again for inviting me to teach at your school once again. I very much appreciate it and as usual I had a great bunch of students. Susie's meals were excellent as usual, Paula does a great job and her organizational skills are excellent, she is always upbeat and always has a smile. Mark Hedin is the best assistant/facilitator out there. All in all you guys run a really professional business and deserve to be regarded the best school in the country!"
Jimmy Clewes, NV

"Marc, you are an inspiration to all of us not only because of your tremendous woodworking skills, but, more importantly, an inspiration as to how one should lead their life and try to make this world better for others. Thank you for being such a great leader and outstanding woodworker and for having such an amazing school. I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks."
Bill Walters, IN

"It all started at the Wood Magazine three day seminars. Marc was not the first on my list but after I got to his seminar I stayed for more. His compassion, integrity, and humble approach convinced me to attend his facility for a class. I signed up for a weekend class, beginning veneering, and was hooked. Now that I have completed my first week class, I couldn't wait for the next and immediately signed up for a second workshop. MASW has invigorated my desire to be a better craftsman."
Michael Brown, IL

"Dear Marc, a note to thank you and your staff for making my week of teaching at the school such an enjoyable experience. It is easy to see why you have so many repeat customers! You and your staff make my workday easy and comfortable–the fantastic lunches allow us to concentrate with full attention all day long. I'm happy to have been an instructor and look forward to another visit in the future."
Chris Storb, PA

"This last week I was lucky to spend it with my father (alumnus Doug Reynolds) in Indiana at one of the premier woodworking schools in the world. This class would not have been possible without the support of Marc Adams, his amazing wife Susie, who with Tina Stewart, kept us all fed with great food, Doug Dale, Jared, Zane Powell, Mark Hedin and Paula Bueno (who kept us all clothed in proper attire)."
Stuart Reynolds, UT

"First of all, I can't say enough good things about your school. I've been promoting it to everyone who will listen and I am absolutely going to return to take another class."
Dan Weirich, IN

"I think that the man who started this school has constructed a system that has changed lives. What a monument to a life of service."
Jim Schlaudecker, VA

"I enjoyed my time and feel that I got a lot out of the class. While I have only been to three classes there, each time I am impressed with the staff you have there. Everyone is pleasant, helpful, and makes you feel like you are part of the family when you are there."
Scott Larson, IA

"It has been another wonderful year for you and the school, but my subject line was about what a wonderful year it has been for me. As I told you in the class, I got the news from my doctor that I was cancer-free, and I got to spend a week plus a weekend at your school. It doesn't get any better. It was the highlight of my year so far."
Mario Nunez, NY

"I just finished the latest issue of Fine Woodworking and MASW got mentioned twice! Jerry C. Foshee wrote an article and his bio mentions the school. And the table that Don Byrkett started in last year's apprenticeship class made it into the "Reader's Gallery," also with a mention that it was started at the school. I wonder if you could have imagined how far-reaching and impactful your school would be when you started?"
Kelly Parker, MO