What People Are Saying About Marc Adams School of Woodworking This Year

Enthusiastic students gather around the workbench.

"...The two courses I took last week and weekend were very good - as always. I was thinking during the drive home that the Marc Adams School is distinguished by more than excellent facilities, superior teaching, and abroad scope of offerings. Susie you and Marc strike me as being engaged in "ministry with wood," where the ways you relate to people and the ways your school encourages learning (at whatever level) exemplify a faith-filled perspective on life and its higher meaning. There is a profound respect for people (evidenced in various ways, including your trust of students to have the run of the building at off-hours, your home-style cooking, and the service-oriented staff you hire). There is gentleness about the place, a feeling of community. I always feel like I'm at a second home rather than an institution. Thanks to Marc and you for creating and sustaining the school. It does not matter to me whether the School becomes the largest in the universe, although that's a laudable goal. It does matter to me that it continues to treat each student as a friend and colleague in woodworking..."
Dick Yanikoski, IN


"...I have recently completed eight amazing weeks at MASW as a 2012 intern. I cannot put into words how thankful and appreciative I am to everyone involved with the Roger Cliffe Memorial Foundation and its contributors... I didnt take one second of my time there for granted and absorbed an unbelievable amount of knowledge that is going to take my woodworking career to the next level. I feel I am heading on the right path because of this experience and hope this is the beginning of a lifelong friendship with MASW and the Foundation....Lastly I want to thank all the staff at MASW for making it such a pleasurable experience to come to the school every day. Everyone is so upbeat, fun to be around and willing to bend over backward to help in any way possible.... Toward the end of my internship I was sitting back thinking about all I had made in the different classes and what I thought was my best or favorite. Thats when I realized the most important thing I made in my time here was a bunch of new friends."
Richard Hubbs, IN

"..I've told you before and I will again, that I admire and respect beyond words what you have achieved. While your achievements as a world-class craftsman/artist are unparalleled, they take no second-seat to your achievements as a teacher and businessman. Ive met some very important and influential people in my time but no one I respect and admire more than you!! Its simply amazing how many lives youve touched..."
Jerry C. Forshee, IN

"...Your schools motto and your philosophy resonate throughout the hobby and professional woodworking industry. And to think that it has been going on for 20 years. You are a great American hero and so many incredible projects decorate homes, offices and buildings across this country as a result of your great work. Thank you!!!"
John Huempfner, WI

"...I just saw the Letter to the Editor in Fine Woodworking #234, regarding your table saw advice and the accident it prevented. It must be very gratifying for you to read a note like that and know that in a very real way, you have positively impacted someone elses life. You probably dont hear it enough, but you and your staff have no doubt saved a number of us from similar events. I seldom work in my shop for very long at all before I think about something Ive learned at MASW, how to approach a process and how to do it safely. And thats in addition to teaching us great techniques and great projects, all while having a good time!..."
Jim Olson, WI

"...Once again, thank you so much for having me at your school. Even as close as we are, I still want to express my admiration for who you are, what you stand for as a family and a business man, your dedication to your family membersincluding your family/friends/staff, your dedication to the advancement of knowledge and the timeless hours of preparation for each event. I have come to deeply realize that this life on earth really is rather sort, and a day should not go by for thanking our good Lord for all that is given. And way beyond all material things, HE gives us the chance to meet certain people who give meaning to friendship and camaraderie and why we are here. HE gives us the opportunity to meet people who change lives. Thats what you do while just being yourself. You have 20 years of a focused journey behind you, I know that you have many more than that ahead of you. I commend you on such an incredible idea turned into reality and the tenacity to make it happen. God bless..."
Mitch Kohanek, MN

"...I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I enjoyed coming to MASW. When my son Michael and I first met you in Charlotte, we said we wanted to come try your school. Well, we did and were hooked. So we drive by the North Carolina schools to come to MASW. We have never been disappointed. You have made my retirement a pleasure..."
Danny Ervin, NC

"...I just completed one of the better weeks of my life... Many thanks for having your school available to teach woodworking skills..."
Mark Henry, PA

"...I have been meaning to drop you a line about the class I brought my wife Mary to and she loved it. The class made her say something I never thought I would EVER hear her say, I dont want to leave, I love it here!... After I picked up my jaw and almost cried, I was so happy that she finally understood what I feel each time I am blessed when attending the school. So, thank you for the best 10 years of learning and meeting new and old friends. Hope to see you for the next 20-30 years, if youll have us..."
David Ward, IN

"...You guys are never far from my mind. Im in the shop almost every day and I panic when I dont have a project in front of me. Life at 85 is slower but I wanted to let you know that your impact on your students is long lasting and life-enriching. You and the entire gang have made my life more meaningful. Thank you..."
Jerry Frost, MI

"...Your class was one of the stellar highlights of my year. What a total joy of learning. What you have created is a place of not only higher learning, but one of warmth, welcoming and total professionalism. The food was great and such friendly service. Everyone I made contact with there was just over the top memorable with helpfulness..."
Carol Mead, CT

"...I just want to say that you and your school have changed my life. It has been an honor to get to know you and your lovely family and all the workers and instructors at your school. As I look at your 2014 list of courses I want to take almost every one. Looks like a great year..."
Charlie Bassett, MI

"...Your classes have given me the skills and knowledge to tackle furniture projects I never dreamed I could, and be successful..."
Pat Howell, NM

"...One thing that you might not have thought about is what you have given others over the 20 years of your school... the blessing of learning and encouragement thru participation in the Masters and Fellowship programs as well as the personal interaction you and your staff have with the various students at the school. You have done a lot to make folks much better woodworkers, but better human beings by being an encourager; thank you for all you do. Wishing you the best of everything..."
Charlie Tarver, GA

"...Attending MASW has been on my wish list for a long time, but I had been unable to do so until this year. Through your generosity and help, along with others at MASW and the Roger Cliffe Memorial Foundation, I was a recipient of a grant that afforded me the good fortune of being able to participate in a weeklong course at your school. Not only did I improve my woodworking skills and gain confidence in my abilities, I also got to meet a lot of really good people in the process. I am grateful for the opportunity and promise to pay it forward..." Jason Brangers, KY

"...Im in my basement filling in the grain of a walnut table leg that I turned on my lathe. Im using linseed oil and pumice and will then French polish the legs before final assembly. So here I am enjoying my Saturday when it dawned on me that I owe all this to you and the staff there in Indiana. Just remember there is an old retired guy in Virginia that practices every day the ideas taught in a field in Indiana..."
Jim Reid, VA

"...You and your team at MASW are such a positive attribute to the world of woodworking by the facilitating sharing of knowledge. For those fortunate enough to take classes at MASW, you maintain such a friendly family atmosphere that it is much like coming home to visit family each time we return. Please keep up the great work..."
Ken Wolf, MI

"...Having returned home after my first class at MASW, I wanted to send you a note and thank you for having such and outstanding place to learn, to say that it exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. From the moment I walked in, to your welcome speech, get over being nervous, I knew I was in the right place. The night of the slideshow you made a statement that really impressed me. You said that you specifically avoided corporate sponsorship because education should be unencumbered, and you plan to keep it that way. I wanted to give you a standing ovation at that very moment. Congratulations on your 20th year; Ill be there to celebrate your 50th!..."
Scott Severns, NJ

"...I didnt get a chance to thank you for the great class as it was terrific..."
Coles Hairston, TX

"...Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. You have said many times how you have seen us develop as craftsmen and that is true. I can look back to where I was in 2000 taking my first class and where I am now. Its amazing how much I have grown as a woodworker. I am just one example of how many across this country? What a difference MASW has made in so many lives in the past 20 years. Only God knows what has actually been accomplished. From your most satisfied customer..."
Morris Ridenour, IN

"...Some words to describe my recent school experience with you, Susie and your exceptional staff; challenging, caring, SAFE, precise, center of excellence, a place where the teaching gives way to learning, every detail well thought out, and masterful. Thanks for all the effort that you exert to make this special place and experience happen..."
Dale Fallat, IN

"...That was the best teaching experience of my career. The experience you offer for teachers and students was meticulously perfect. I had a great time. I learned a lot and met so many great folks. Thank you for including me in your excellent school and all your hard work..."
David Franklin, WA

"...The facilities were wonderful. I was quite impressed with your school. My only regret is that I cant afford to sign up for every class you offer!..."
Carl Lance, MI

"...Thanks again for the two great classes last week. Both had great instructors as usual and I am always amazed by their work, the school and its facilities, and of course, the lunches. I am already looking forward to next year..."
Stephen Fitch, OH

"...Thanks for your wonderful staff. Their smiles and words of encouragement throughout the two weeks were a blessing to me. They almost feel like family. Thanks again, Marc, for this opportunity to learn. But most of all, thanks for who you are!..."
Micah Langmaack, IN

"...This is my first class and experiences at MASW. It was a fantastic week. I learned as much from the other participants as I did from the instructions. Im signed up for five more classes throughout this year..."
Bob Askin, OH

"...As always, the lunches were outstanding and the administration was flawless. You run a great school and I look forward to attending class next year. Thanks again for facilitating a great learning experience..."
Steve Dmetruk, GA

"...I very much enjoyed and learned from your class. I was extremely challenged by my inexperience, but you helped me keep it in perspective, which I appreciate..."
Bee Miller, OH