What People Are Saying About Marc Adams School of Woodworking This Year

Enthusiastic students gather around the workbench."What a terrific blessing of many years ago (1993/94) when I met Marc at the Milwaukee Woodworking Show. I just knew he was somebody special but, had no idea that the energetic, honest, hardworking woodworker with a big dream would have such an influence and that he and his family would enrich my life and the lives of others in so many ways. The woodworking experiences and expertise that we have been exposed to at MASW is wonderful and is a great vehicle to build furniture and self confidence. Thank you so much for your hard work and the effort you make to ensure your students gain value and experience while being treated more like a house guest than a student."
John Huempfner, WI

"Thanks for the opportunity to keep my teaching skills honed in. These last two teaching sessions were really enjoyable. Teaching great people who just happen to be great students. Or is it great people who just happen to be great people, who turn into MASW family members..."
Mitch Kohanek, MN

"Thank you for the experience I had this week. This was my first time attending your school and I thoroughly enjoyed the week. Although I did not introduce myself personally to you, I felt your love and concern for your students and staff,"
Harold C. Anderson, CA

"From the perspective of a first time student at your school I can say that you have accomplished something remarkable. Your staff is top notch and seems to work together like a great team, like a family, always willing to help students figure out how to get something done right. The atmosphere is relaxed and serious, which seems to be the best for creative work. It was a pleasure to spend a week with you all, and I hope to be back in the future..."
Mario Nunez, NY

"Thanks for all you have done for me. Because of you, my retirement has been satisfying and complete.&quot
Bob Cole, OH

"Thank you so much for a wonderful week. The talent, effort and excellence you provide are far above what I could have imagined. Thank you for your daily hard work. May you be blessed beyond measure."
Tommy and Becky Scott, TN

"I've only taken two classes so far, but I have every intention of coming as often as time and funds permit. I just had to send this quick note about how much I enjoy the time I spent there mastering and sharing woodworking in Franklin, IN"
Steve Fischer, IN

"Dear Marc and Susie, Thank you both, once again, for a grand time, a busy week, yet another steep learning curve and a worthy challenge. You may not know this, but my reward for running (and winning her age group) at the Boston Marathon is to know I can celebrate by coming to MASW..."
Jean Marmoreo, Ontario, Canada

"Thanks to you for your fantastic facility. Your staff was great..."
David Ewing, IN

"I especially want to mention that my class was an absolute watershed for me. I enjoyed every minute of this class and it will likely end up being the most impactful class Ill ever take as it relates to how I approach my work. I left with a beautiful tool box. Only problem; its not large enough to hold all the confidence the instructor and staff gave me..."
Amy Gless, MI

"Many thanks for a great week of woodworking. As usual, Zane and Herman were great, as were Susie, Paula and Karen. The meals served in Karens Caf are far better and healthier than what is available in any of the area restaurants! Im looking forward to seeing next years schedule when you can share it. I know that many of your returning students are retirees and second career woodworkers, but for me, it is a great break from my profession that also helps sharpen my general problem solving skills."
Joe Rosa, KS

"I wanted to send a note of sincere appreciation to the whole staff for a great week spent at MASW. You have a wonderful staff and facility. I look forward to further courses in the near future."
James Dodge, KY

"I gave my presentation at my wood guild last Monday. It was basically about my experiences at MASW. Another student brought up that he had attended several classes there as well. We both mentioned the sincere kindness, learning environment, the food and all those things that you and the others are a part of the MASW culture..."
Dan Krum, VA

"I want to thank you again for all that you have done to help me. Your efforts and endless energy continue to amaze me. Your commitment is unparalleled. These are not just words, they are truly how I feel. I wish you and Susie the best life has to offer."
Greg Fecteau, MI

"Having just completed the sculptural rocking chair class with you, I had to send you a note to say what an absolute joy it was to be in your class. You are an EXCELLENT teacher. You and your staff epitomize the phrase feed a man a fish, you feed him for the day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Every class I attend, you feed my mind and my spirit; you truly have a very special place there. Looking forward to seeing you again. I will forever be grateful to you. Bless you."
Scott Severns, NJ

"I recently attended a weekend class. Your school was recommended to me by a co-worker who has attended several classes in the past. I must admit that the facility was everything and more as described. In a perfect world I would be able to take some week long classes on well everything. In short, your school rocks."
Derek Plant, IL

"Marc as you bring the school to its close, you should look back over the past 20 years like a proud father seeing his kid graduate from college. (Or get married. I am sure you can relate to that.) Not just in how the school has grown in terms of size, classes, equipment, etc., but at the lives you have touched and how you have helped so many folks to be better woodworkers and better people in general as well as the friendships that have been forged between the various students. You can be truly proud."
Charlie Tarver, GA

"Marc, I just wanted to express my gratitude for you and your school. I just finished my second class this year and I cannot imagine a better learning experience. Susie, Paula and Karen are just outstanding in everything they do. I am looking forward to planning my next class in 2015! Thanks so much for everything you do."
Terry Burdon, OH

"I just received your 2014 brochure this morning and opened it up to page 100 and several words jumped out that stopped me from going any further. Mostly an insert with quotation concerning insights that God has given us in the form of teaching That got my attention and I went on to read the text; twice. What a marvelous thing that the school is part of and promoting and you have been directly involved with and explaining within these pages for all to see. I feel blessed to be part of an organization that unashamedly puts the Lord God first in its endeavors, but Ive known that for a long time. How else could the school have grown to what it has become? Im fortunate to be able to call you friend, you and everyone I have been associated with over the years. That has meant a lot to me..."
David Wright, ND