What People Are Saying About Marc Adams School of Woodworking This Year

Enthusiastic students gather around the workbench.“Just wanted to say thank you for a couple of wonderful classes and to thank you for all the help and hospitality since Nick and I began attending your school. Things are going quite well for us; we couldn’t be happier. We learn more every day, and thanks to you and your school, we’re not too timid about challenging projects anymore.”
Amy and Nick Gless, MI

“Your school remains the best around. From the tools, the extraordinary people you have there (a total understatement… they are wonderful people who happen to be wonderful shop people), I can’t imagine a woodworker not doing their best to almost live there.”
Daryl Rosenblatt, NY

“Since the beginning of the 2014 season, I have attended two week-long classes and one weekend class. I hope to continue attending classes and in time earn my Master’s Certificate. While your facility and tools are top notch, the professionalism, class and compassion I witnessed this past weekend is why I will continue to attend classes at your school.”
Matthew Czegan, PA

“Each year I have attended I wanted to write and put it off too long. Well, this year I’m late but am finally doing it. I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for all you, your family and staff do to make learning there such a positive experience. I always observe everything there all the details, logistics, quality of equipment and incredible instructors. I know what a personal sacrifice your family makes - the heart and soul that you both put into MASW and keeping it the superior school that it is. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunities and all that you do for so many.”
Dan Krum, VA

“Back in 2007 when I took Basic Woodworking from you, I had no idea about the different areas of woodworking or about the opportunities I would have at your school to learn from some of the top craftsmen and craftswomen in the field. The Master’s Program helped define for me the important areas that defined the field of woodworking.”
Don Byrkett, OH

“First of all, all of the classes that I have had at MASW have been outstanding. Great classes and great instructors. I recognize great teachers when I see them. Thank you for constantly striving for such quality.”
Larry Glenn, IL

“Marc, I just wanted to convey what an awesome class it was and what an awesome place you have there. The space/tools etc. are great, but what makes the place truly awesome is the people. I was there 30 seconds and felt like I was a regular. My brain is full. Cannot wait to get back for the two additional classes later this year!”
Ed O’Halloran, OH

“Marc, great seeing you last week. It is always a pleasure to be at your school, the people are great and your staff are tops!!!! …thanks for providing such a great facility…”
Charlie Tarver, GA

“I wanted to thank you for the superb class at Marc Adams. The individual attention given to us was so helpful as were the woodworking techniques and tips.”
Bob Gershan, WI

“I had a wonderful time last week, as I always do. The comfort and friendship and that incredible staff of yours make the experience so much more than just training class. Zane, Doug, Jeff and Mark each went way out of their way to help me in ways that they had no business at all doing, but EACH did so with a completely selfless manner. I am so grateful.”
Myles Ambrose, NY

“Mark, Zane, Doug, Herman, Don and anyone else connected with the school, goes above and beyond the call. This isn’t just a job or a career for them, but a passion. There is a reason this is the best school in the country. You have the best people!”
Mark Swinford, WI

“I can’t begin to thank you enough - or tell you - how you, your school, the instructors, assistants and staff have impacted my life over the past half-decade. My time at your school has truly been a curious experience. When I started, I wasn’t sure what areas of woodworking I would most enjoy. Also, I never thought I would have any fascination for turning, carving or chair making silly me! Anyway, thanks again for all your efforts - past, present and ongoing. You certainly have made MASW a very special destination for ”needy“ woodworkers and seekers of new skills!”
Phil Seibert, OH

“I just wanted to extend another giant thank you for a tremendous week. I cannot tell you how much I learned and what a great experience I had… hard to put into words.”
Michael Rothrock, IN

“Thanks for all your hard work to make it easy for people like me to come here and have a blast!”
John Ressler, IL

“I want to thank you for a wonderful experience at your school of woodworking. It is hard to believe that attention to detail and student attention that you provide.”
Gerry Michaud, OH

“Marc: Had a great time these past two weeks at MASW. Thank you for your continued support of our woodworking efforts.”
Doug Reynolds, WA

“Marc: I wanted to say thank you again for everything and I don’t just mean last week. The experiences I have had at your school have truly changed my life and I continue to grow as a woodworker and person because of it. I have always enjoyed speaking with you and learning of your philosophy thru actions and it is an honor to call you my friend. I was always impressed that you rejected big company influence and the so called ”free stuff“ to promote tools and products because you wouldn’t compromise integrity. And the fact that you strive to improve when the same ole same ole would be acceptable. I am looking over the next year schedule and will find things to come back for even if it is only to see my good friends.”
John Huempfner, WI