About Marc Adams School of Woodworking

Well, it's no small task to summarize twenty-three years of woodworking history, but we'll try!

Marc Adams School of Woodworking 1993 was the first year of the school. That summer Marc taught 16 classes in 16 straight weeks to over 150 students without the aid of assistants or outside instructors. It nearly wiped him out! Clearly the school would have to enlist the aid of other master woodworkers.

In 1995 the school saw several notable authors and woodworkers (such as Dr R. Bruce Hoadley, Bob Flexner, Bonnie Klein, John Jordan, Kelly Mehler, Seth Stem, and Dr Roger Cliffe) come to MASW to help teach specialized areas and expand the curriculum. The school went from 16 classes the first year to 25 classes the in the second year.

1996 was the first year that we started offering two workshops every week. It was also the first year that we offered a two-week Apprenticeship class. Our workshops expanded from 25 classes to nearly 40 classes. Classes now ran from the first of June to the end of September.

The school took another major leap in 1997 when we started the Excellence Through Education program which now boasts over 30 students per year who complete their “Masters” certificate. Today there are over one thousand students currently working toward that title.

1998 to 2000 were the years that the school defined itself as a leader in woodworking education. Our curriculum continued to grow with nearly 70 workshops each summer! It was during this time that Zane, Doug, and Herman started working each summer on a full-time basis.

2001 was a difficult year for all of us with the events of 911 and unfortunately it was also the year we lost Dr. Roger Cliffe to a sudden heart attack. It was in that same year that we added two new workbench rooms taking our total square footage up to nearly 14,000 square feet.

The tenth anniversary of the founding of the school was 2003. It was also the year that Michael Fortune helped develop and direct the Fellowship program that would allow the MASW family of Masters to pursue a series of advanced level workshops. The school also began planning a new facility to house all those new OneWay lathes.

2004 was the year that that new facility was completed with over 6,600 square feet of space that allowed us to grow from two workshops each week to three. For the first time MASW offered over 125 workshops in one summer! This was the year that Alan Lacer helped develop the Woodturning Fellowship. In memory of John Coolidge, the Masters of MASW started an award for the “Student of the Year”.

In 2005 the school saw continued growth, both in the number of students attending classes and in the diversity of the programs. The school also reached out to become truly international as we were honored to have our first international intern, Yuko, travel from Japan to join us for a summer of learning.

2006 and 2007 brought a combined total of 110 world-class instructors and over 140 classes - half of which were totally different from those taught the preceding year. In addition, the school's return rate remained above 90%! In the summer of 2007, we hit a record number of students for one summer at 3,058.

The school celebrated the 15th anniversary of the school in 2008. In just 15 short years we had offered nearly 1000 workshops, taught by nearly 200 of the most recognized authors, artists, and woodworking legends this craft has to offer.

Since that important anniversary, MASW has continued on it's mission of hands-on learning in the company of the best and brightest craftsman working today. We've continued to diversify our workshops, offering novel classes each of the last 23 years. We've even added related crafts to help you distinguish your work from the crowd, such as: metal engraving, mixed media with stone work and epoxy, blacksmithing and tool making. Our Master's and Fellowship programs continues to thrive, and we are even able to host several interns with over the course of each season. With over 3500 workshops under our belts, we are uniquely experienced in what quality woodworking instruction is all about.

Can't wait to see what 2017 will bring!